Best $255 Payday Loans Online Same Day Approval | Top No Credit Check Loans Guaranteed Approval For September 2022

Today, it seems very difficult to make a living. We still have the pandemic and our bills are never ending. Furthermore, there are bills that we unexpectedly have which makes it more difficult. Our option then is to get a loan but what if we have bad credit? What then? Truly, bad credit loans saved us from all of these.

Conveniently, this article will discuss for you the most distinguished bad credit loan lenders in America today. Please take note though that as there are two sides of a coin, there are those in the market today. The good and the bad lenders. Of course, we would like to deal with the good or legit lenders as they will no doubt help us in getting that emergency loan - and not the bad ones as they tend to scam us out of our hard earned money. Therefore, if you are considering getting a bad credit loan, be very careful.

#1. MONEYMUTUAL - Top Direct Lender For No Credit Check Loans

#2. CREDITLOAN - Best Emergency Loan for Bad Credit Lender

#3. FUNDSJOY - Payday Loans For Bad Credit With Instant Approval

#1. MoneyMutual - Best $255 Payday Loans Online Same Day Guaranteed Approval

MoneyMutual is our champion of the bad credit loans lenders in this list. Why? Because of their long history of helping Americans thereby creating a solid customer base. These customers have given them excellent ratings and prefer them over other money lenders. Additionally, the company was represented by a very famous spokesperson. You might know who he is. Yes - it’s none other than Montel Williams!

Montel Williams is one of the daytime talk show hosts in TV that certainly commanded the audience ratings during the 1990s. In fact, his show is one of the longest running in nearly 2 decades! His influence was so huge that MoneyMutual decided on him as their key spokesperson.

Their collaboration was a great success! It was so successful that he not only garnered the attention of his followers, he was also attacked by other people. They mentioned that he is only taking advantage of the less fortunate.

They are absolutely mistaken. Montel Williams is a model citizen and MoneyMutual is a company aiming to help those people with bad credit still obtain their loans despite that. Therefore, all of this hate is unfounded. And it has no effect whatsoever on MoneyMutual’s reputation as they remain as the top emergency loan lender in America.


  • User friendly online portal
  • Quick loan turnaround time
  • Multiple lenders available
  • Wide range of loan amount available


  • Most market share in USA
  • Excellent customer service
  • Not just one lender to chose from
  • Fast response time


  • Can get lower interest rates elsewhere
  • Limited to only their lenders
  • Small business loans not available


#2.CreditLoan - Top Loans For Bad Credit Guaranteed Approval In America

CreditLoan is next on the list after MoneyMutual. This spot is well deserved for this loan lender company as they experienced immense growth as a reputable payday loan lender. Furthermore, they have outstanding customer service with a quick loan processing system that enables them to service more borrowers.

We will definitely monitor CreditLoan’s progress. We are of the belief their successful streak will continue on. But just like many others, CreditLoan is under a lot of pressure so we wonder - will they make it and maintain their current spot in the money lending industry or will they break? This we will have to wait and see.


  • Advance online portal
  • Generally fast loan turn around times
  • Good number of lenders available
  • Range of loan amounts for approval


  • A leader in US market
  • Good call center provides solid customer service
  • Many lenders across the USA
  • Motivated employees providing quick response times


  • Possible lower interest rates elsewhere
  • More aggressive lenders available at other companies
  • Hardship loans for bad credit not part of the suite of products


#3. FundsJoy - Best Payday Loans And Installment Loans Online Today

FUNDSJOY is a company with a great focus on personal loans. And they process these loans very quickly. Their business is fully offered online. It seems though that they are highly favored by borrowers of 25 to 45 years old. FundsJoy is a credible bad credit loan lender, but they do have their flaws.

Growth aspects wise, FundsJoy is very much the same as CreditLoan. Their growth is very noticeable. Thus, this question arises: ‘Will they soon snatch MoneyMutual’s place at the top spot or will they take a breather and step back?’

This remains to be seen. For now, we are aware of their current standing as one of the established personal loan lenders at this time. And they specialize in emergency loans.


  • Easy to use online interface
  • Good loan response times
  • Massive network of online lenders
  • Loan amounts as high as $40,000


  • Bilingual customer service reps
  • Largest call center in California
  • Most active lenders are US based
  • Responsive employees creating a great customer service experience


  • Interest rates on the higher end
  • More experience lenders found elsewhere
  • Cash advance loans with no credit check not available


# 4. TRUE AMERICAN LOAN - Best Bad Credit Loans With No Credit Check

True American Loans is a money lender for True Americans - just as the name suggests. This company understands who their customers are. Their customers are proud Americans who are in search of the best bad credit loans in America.

True American Loan is very attractive to their customers because they offer a lot of loan products. See below the loans they can give out:

  • Bad credit loans
  • Payday loans
  • Loans for bad credit
  • Short term loans
  • 24 hour loans
  • $500 loans
  • $400 loans
  • $300 loans
  • $200 loans
  • $100 loans
  • Instant loans
  • 48 hour loans
  • No credit check loans
  • Direct lender loans

Size wise, True American Loans will never be a match to MoneyMutual. But this is not a battle of who’s bigger. Just like MoneyMutual, True American Loans have their own set of customer base and those are the true Americans - those proud people. And they undoubtedly provide them great service as the company has returning customers, all of which looking to get their bad credit loans.


#6. FundsGift - Top No Credit Check Loans In the USA

FundsGift is a new payday loan lender as compared to all others on this list. We are very impressed with this lender’s current performance and growth in the market. This is also one of the lenders we have high hopes for.

Why, you might ask. Well, the reason is simple. Their growth is extraordinary. It might be attributed to their quick turnaround times and loan approval process.

Due to this, many are of the opinion that they will soon take over MoneyMutual’s top position. They have the advantage so they have a great chance of taking the spot. We can’t know now if this will eventually happen. But this we know, we can only watch and see how all of this will unfold.

This will be exciting to watch. Whichever bad credit loan lender makes it is truly deserving of its name as the number one.

FundsGift are experts in the bad credit loan space. They specialize in providing the following:

  • $500 loans
  • $300 loans
  • Instant loans
  • 24 hour loans
  • No credit check loans
  • Loans for veterans


Conclusion: Short Term Loans and Installment

We are finally at the end of this depth review on the top bad credit loan lenders in America. We hope you got something out of this review and that this will be helpful for you in your consideration of emergency loans.

The decision is now in your hands. We assure you that all of these lenders are legit and will certainly assist in getting your bad credit loan.

Let this review be your map in navigating through your loan journey.

If ever you find yourself still undecided in the end, we urge you to work with our recommended best payday loan lender out there - MoneyMutual.

Visit their official website and apply for a bad credit loan today.


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