Best Fling Apps - These Are the Top Apps for Casual Flings

It can be fun to have casual flings, especially if you're not into long-term relationships at the moment. Whether you just like the thrill of meeting all those potential matches or enjoy the high of the pursuit, you want to find the best casual fling apps to help you.

There are many places to find hookups, and they cater to various fetishes and sexual backgrounds. For example, is an excellent choice, though others are marketed toward those who want to have affairs.

While some people prefer Facebook dating, it doesn't have the same feeling as the best dating sites. You often know the dates, and it suggests people you might know. That may not be ideal if you don't want an actual date and prefer something more casual.

In the past, people used newspaper personal ads, but they never knew who they'd find or what their sexual preference might be. In fact, there were no security features at all, which is why the best hookup sites were created. Now, there are plenty of forums to help you.

A strappoing young dating blogger who goes by Casual Sex Calvin is getting a lot of attention lately for his brash blogging style and brutally honest reviews of apps he uses to find women with similar goals. According to Calvin, these are the best apps for casual flings, with full notes for anyone into fetishes or alternative lifestyles.

The 5 Best Apps for Casual Encounters

Do you want the best apps for casual meet ups? These are the top five to consider for any age range or needs:

Best Overall:

If you've tried other apps in the past and haven't had success, you may want to consider It's a completely real and trustworthy website and has even won awards because it's been around so long.

Generally, flings are intimate and quick encounters that last a night, a few days, or are ongoing. Fling Personals offers a large user base, and the community here wants to connect with someone beyond friendship. They may have various sexual fantasies, and it's all welcome on this app.

The layout here is quite nice, and you can sign up easily. Tweak the search settings enough to find people you really want to be with. With a large network like this, it's hard not to find someone in your area. isn't available through Google Play on Android, but you can find the app on iTunes. Android users just visit the mobile website and sign up.

Input your gender, what you want, and include pertinent personal info. Then, upload photos and add your profile description.

Just note that you can't send messages to members if you don't get the membership for $19.99. However, it always runs specials, so you can find discount coupons.

Do you have specific sexual interests? You can find many categories that cast a larger net for hooking up. For example, some of the searches get very graphic on what they are looking for. Use your imagination!

Best for Quick Hook-Ups: UberHorny

Are you uber horny and want casual fun right now? There's an app for it! UberHorny is a great site with an easy-to-use layout. However, the best part is you can meet women with similar goals without having to do much.

Anyone can download the app or visit the website, and they're all there to explore their interests. Therefore, you don't beat around the bush or wade through horrible profiles!

The first thing you should do is check to make sure messages and profiles are real. UberHorny is a no-nonsense and streamlined website. It's quick and easy to find a casual relationship. Just send the people you're interested in a wink before you pay.

Yes, this is a paid site, so you should consider getting a membership. That way, you have access to more features, such as exchanging content and messaging others. Group chats are also fun, and the video chat goes to a whole new level! It's hard to believe just how hot these ladies are, just baring it all for you to see.

Overall, Uberhorny makes it very easy to find matches. Plus, the featured member's area is a great place to find hot content. The best way to hook up is to search for the women you want. There's tons of variety, and you could add various filters to find older adults, gay men, and almost anything you can imagine.

While some sites use fake profiles, UberHorny is 100 percent legitimate. It could be a highly effective dating site to try.

Best for Sexting: SweetSext

How do you feel about exchanging nude selfies? Most people like it, but they don't know if they should. SweetSext makes it so much easier.

Most guys worry about sending unsolicited dick pics. We've all been there; you think the hottie at the other end is into you, you send the nude, and she gets mad. That confusion never happens on this app. You're not wasting precious moments wondering if you should hit the send button.

This app is dedicated to those who like trading naked selfies. Once you sign up, you send them to whoever you're into and are likely to get some back!

It's easy to register, and it doesn't take hours to perform. Just give your email address, choose a username, and explain your sexual preferences. The best part is the free access. However, you do receive better features if you become a member, and the prices are very affordable.

Best for Swingers and Threesomes: Adult Friend Finder

Whether you want the best gay hookup app or prefer queer women, Adult Friend Finder is the perfect niche dating site. It tries to bring together people from various backgrounds, and it does what it promises! It finds adult friends for you.

This could be the best hookup app because it believes you should be allowed to sift through tons of profiles, sorting them and matching with them based on your kinks and requirements. There isn't much computerized matchmaking happening here.

With a user base of just over 90 million users, you're sure to find someone on this app. Plus, signing up is completely free. However, a monthly subscription only costs $39.95 a month and gives you the full experience.

The best part is it doesn't create profiles with bots, so each person is validated and real. You also get plenty of information, so you can decide if that hottie is right for you. It might not be the most diverse for gender identities, but you may find queer women and men or those into kinky threesomes and swinging!

Best for Finding Older Women: MilfPlay

Do you like country music? That saying of older women are beautiful lovers must be true because there are tons of porn sites showcasing MILFs. However, the goal now is to find cougars to hook up with, such as ladies in their 40s and 50s. Some of them are pretty hot, and you can have brief encounters with them, too.

MilfPlay is a hookup app for older ladies and younger men. The user base is women mostly, but the younger side can join and find hot mature babes.

The first thing is safety, and this site has many advanced tech options that give you that sense of trust. In most cases, the women contact you, though you're allowed to communicate with other users yourself. Still, you aren't likely to wait long to find a hot MILF.

The profiles are legitimate, and you have access to many features. However, expect to pay to become a member to get the most from it.

What to Look for in Adult Dating Apps

When you want the best hookup app, you've got plenty of choices. In fact, the best hook-up apps have everything you need without being expensive. Typically, you can access it from various mobile devices, scrolling through possible matches with similar interests. Here are some things to consider:


To find a great app for casual hookups, it's crucial to think about the price. Many of them offer a free version, where active users can browse profile photos, set up a profile, and message others.

Typically, though, the best features can't be found unless you subscribe. Therefore, you might not be allowed to direct-message others, use the filters, or visit chat rooms or video chats to talk to people.

Generally, most users expect to pay a high monthly fee when trying to find a relationship partner. Therefore, you may want to check completely free sites, low monthly plans, or take advantage of special offers.

Gender Balance

The best hookup app has a massive user base and plenty of sexual preferences for you to enjoy. However, you should also think about the gender balance. The male-to-female ratio should be about even. Men may not mind having a higher female percentage if they're heterosexual.

If you're searching a hookup site for other queer people, you want a website that has tons of potential partners. Therefore, you're looking for same-sex apps.


Is the hookup site very easy to use, and does it have its own app? It's crucial to think about this because you want to sign up quickly and browse for those hookups. Most people are on the go, so a phone app makes it easy to scroll through, find favorites, and even play games while you're at lunch.

Most young professionals are already technologically advanced, so they navigate through any online site. They focus on instant gratification and are in a hurry. Therefore, if the location-based app runs slowly or doesn't make it easy to find information, they click away and go to another one.

Older people also enjoy dating sites for flings. There's no rule stating that seniors have to be monogamous or have a serious relationship with someone. They aren't often as tech-savvy, so they need an easy-to-understand layout that's easy to use.

Communication Tools

How does your dating app help you communicate with active users? If that site only lets you message people who "like" you first, it might take forever to find a fling..

Generally, a good app has many communication options. You may receive a free trial that lets you send messages like emails or IMs. However, video chatting and other perks are often given to those who pay.

Sometimes, a dating site only lets users send messages without images. You're meeting for a fling, so online foreplay could be preferable. It's possible to talk dirty, but pictures are worth a thousand words. Focus on the communication options and tools before picking the best hookup sites.

Online Reviews for Each Hookup App

It doesn't matter how popular your hookup app is. You should always check its online reviews and read them carefully. Most dating apps offer testimonials on the page, and you should glance at them. However, they are often curated by the site owner.

Consider branching out and finding real-life reviews from outside forums and platforms. It's easier to gauge user experience. If you've already installed an app from Google Play or the Apple Store, you can go to that one, scroll down past the "open" area, and read what others have said.

Privacy Policy and T&C for Each Dating App

Many people don't look at the privacy policy or terms and conditions for websites. However, it's crucial to know what the best hookup apps do with your personal and financial information.

Sometimes people offset this issue by using a fake name when they sign up. However, if you're not using the free version, you must enter credit card information. Some dating apps require it, even if you're only trying it out. That way, the company can ensure that you're who you claim to be.

Check the T&C terms to ensure that popular apps don't sell your personal information. Learn what it stores and how so that you know it's secure.

Member Activity

Many users want to learn how many active members the hookup app has. Does it show that data? You want to make sure there are high activity levels when you sign up for the site. That indicates it's popular, and men and women search for casual flings many times a day.

Free Version and Paid Subscriptions

Generally, a free dating app is the best choice. It might offer limited features and doesn't usually carry the perks of paid sites. However, you can communicate with others to find like-minded people.

Most apps offer a free version, so you can test the site out and make sure it's suitable for you. Though you might not get every feature, such as chat rooms, you still get an idea of what it's about.

Other dating apps are fully free, so they provide the best value. However, price isn't the sole factor in choosing a great app. It's crucial to know about the communication tools available, how easy it is to use, and read the privacy policy/T&C.

Why People Use Hookup Apps

If you don't want a long-term relationship, you soon realize how hard it is to locate like-minded people. Visiting a bar might be beneficial, but men often spend too much money hitting on a woman to find out that they're not interested in getting bedded that night.

The best apps help you find others for flings. Both partners agree that it's a FWB relationship or one-night stand, so there are no questions or fears of commitment later. They just hook up a couple of times, decide to continue seeing each other casually, or move on to the next. Either party can end the fling any time they want.

Generally, the goal is to take things well past first base, so neither person develops feelings for the other.

In most cases, hookup sites offer a better experience than traditional dating apps. Though can help you find a potential match for a relationship, it doesn't assist with local hookups.

You can sometimes find them, but the user base focuses on relationship-minded individuals who want to find love. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's not what you crave at this time!

Therefore, a hookup site is more beneficial. You know that each person there is looking for something more than a friendship.. If they choose to switch to a monogamous relationship, they just delete the casual sex profile and find the right person for them on a different website.

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