Best Menopause Supplements in 2021 - Natural Menopause Relief (Provestra and HerSolution)

Sexual pleasure is not confined to any gender and yet plays an important part in a healthy relationship. It has been observed that reaching a sexual pleasure is more challenging for a woman as it comprises of different elements such as; physical fitness, healthy mind, feelings and her desire. Unfortunately, all of these elements relies or can be easily affected by the hormonal imbalance and menopause symptoms.

Though there are different menopause supplements available in the market for menopause relief. But when it comes to dietary supplements you cannot just make a random choice. There are several factors which are needed to be checked before selecting the best menopause supplement.

What are the best supplements for menopause?

There are various supplements available for treating menopause; but their formulation and effects what sets them apart. Anything that is edible and claims to make things works should not generate results on the cost of one’s health. So if you are looking for a supplement that can treat your hormonal imbalance and help delay the menopause symptoms. Then better look out for natural supplements for menopause. But first are these safe to use?

Are menopause supplements safe?

Not all menopause supplements and libido products are created the same and that is why not all can be trusted for their performance and quality. Some are created with low quality chemicals and additives that may able to show results within a week but then they are not safe to be consumed. However, there are menopause relief supplements that are based on natural products, herbs and medicinal plants. These are the menopause supplements that work; however, they take some time to offer results.

If you are here looking out what are the best supplements for menopause then don’t worry we have selected two of the best women’s menopause supplements for you after a deep research.

There are two renowned supplements in market which are known as best natural menopause supplements of 2021.
  1. Provestra
  2. HerSolution

1. Provestra Female Libido Enhancer:
Provestra is a leading herbal supplement that is intended to enhance post menopause physical intimacy in women. Based on all natural formulation this female enhancement pill focuses on bringing sexual desire in women by increasing vaginal sensation which somehow get comprised due to hormonal imbalance, aging, irregular menstrual cycles and post pregnancy chemical changes in the body. Moreover, it is known for overcome the symptom of atrophic vaginitis.

How does Provestra work?

Using 100% natural ingredients this formula helps to correct the common imbalances found in women’s body through any disease, stress, nutritional deficits, or exposure to synthetic hormones by rectifying the deficiencies in the body. With the help of its potent ingredients it helps to align the sexual glands to perform normally to bring the lost sexual desires. Apart from stabilizing your sex life it also helps in alleviating the menstruation and menopausal symptoms. This female libido enhancer helps you achieve better climaxes by increasing the lubrication, intensifies the mood, and boosts the libido.

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What are the ingredients of Provestra?

  • Theobromine
    Found in chocolate this substance is same as caffeine. It boosts the energy levels by increasing the blood circulation throughout the organs dilating the blood vessels. The elevated blood flow tricks to ignite the sexual desires.
  • Ginseng
    Originated from Asia, this herb helps to boosts libido in women through its pro-libidinal effects. It improves the vaginal sensitivity, helps gain sexual drive, and also helps to combat menopausal symptoms.
  • Ginkgo Biloba
    Ginkgo Biloba intensifies the orgasm and improves the sexual performance by releasing nitric oxide and heightens the blood flow to the female genital organs.
  • L-Arginine
    It helps blood circulation or ensures blood flow to your clitoris and helps the body get rid of stress to feel relaxed.
  • Red Raspberry
    Red Raspberry helps in easing issues associated with menstruation; it helps to relief menstrual cramps, bleed lighter, and overcome the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. Being an antioxidant it helps to get rid of harmful enzymes that build up stress, anxiety and reason for fertility. It tones the reproductive system, balancing estrogen levels and improves the functioning of uterus.
  • Licorice Root
    Licorice root is useful in treating various different issues; however, it is intended to treat stress, anxiety, mood swings and depression, which are the core issues of the premenstrual syndrome and menopausal syndrome.
  • Ginger
    Ginger is a great stimulant that helps generating sex hormones by increasing blood flow to the genitals which results in achieving sexual sensitivity.
Benefits of Provestra

  • With Provestra, your brain feels relaxed and more energetic; helps experience increase pleasure.
  • Provestra dilate the blood vessels to ensure the flow of blood across the body which results in relaxing the body sending calm and soothing signals to the brain.
  • The potent ingredients of Provestra work naturally to bring an energetic sex drive by improving the hormonal imbalance which is the main cause of infertility on women.

Are there any side effects of Provestra?

All the ingredients are plant based and are safe to consume. So far there are no adverse side effects reports yet.

In order to avoid any health concerns, or critical issues it is best not to consume if you have any special medical condition. If you are a pregnant or nursing mother, going through any special medical treatment for some critical diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, liver or kidney dysfunction, cardiac issues, or having trouble in maintaining blood pressure or blood sugar levels then it is advised to consult your doctor before start consuming Provestra. Click here to Buy Now.

What is the recommended dosage?

Each Provestra bottle contains 30 pills and as per the suggested dosage a pill should be consumed daily with meal. According to the manufacturer it would take time to show visible results depending on the individual’s body response time to the ingredients of the pill. Even if you feel delay in results; over dosage is not recommended by the manufacturer.

What is the Price of Provestra?

A price of a single bottle of Provestra is $49.95 including the shipping charges; however, on buying of 6 months dosage you can get a chance to avail savings of $75 and get a free female enhancement gel along with it.

Is there any money back guarantee offered?

The manufacturer has offered 67-days money back guarantee; which shows their confidence on the product. In order to avail the money back guarantee you have to consumed the product for at least 2 months regularly; as it take time to effect and do not show quick results.

What are the Pros and Cons of Provestra?

  • It is formulated upon 100% natural ingredients.
  • It helps releases stress and anxiety.
  • Safe to use do not contain any adverse effects to health.
  • Keeps the vagina lubricated.
  • Improves hormonal imbalance in women.
  • Offers increase pleasure and raises sex drive in women.


2. HerSolution Dietary Pill:

HerSolution is a dietary pill that is a 100% natural blend of vitamins, herbs, and medicinal plants used to naturally enhance a woman’s sex drive and enjoyment of sex naturally and without causing any adverse effects. It is an excellent remedy to treat low libido, provide increase pleasure, and developing sexual desires that are compromised by various different reasons including, hormonal changes, post pregnancy body changes, menstrual issues, aging or medicinal reactions.

How does HerSolution work?

HerSolution composed of all natural ingredients that is 100% safe to consume and to designed to improve overall sexual health. Once the chemical blends absorbs in the system; it aims to increase the circulation of blood to the female genitalia, results in widening the opening with excess lubrication, increase pleasures and strong sexual arousals.

The natural ingredients in the supplement helps to restore lost sexual health, enhance the body’s strength, and boosts the physical and mental stamina to enjoy a healthy life.

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What are the ingredients of HerSolution?

  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Niacin is a well-known for improving blood flow to your genitals by dilating blood vessels. Besides that it helps arousing sensual feelings by producing estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in the body.

  • Hops extract
It is the commonly used ingredient in female enhancement products to treat vaginal dryness and providing lubrication by producing estrogen. It also relieves anxiety, stress and insomnia to raise energy levels.

  • Mucuna Pruriens

It naturally arouses the desire to have sex in the brain by producing chemicals that reduces cortisol concentration in the system results in intensifying sexual pleasure.

  • Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is an Asian herb that intensifies the orgasm and reduces the menopause symptoms by increasing the flow of blood and to help energize.

  • Epimedium Sagittatum

Aka horny goat weed, nurtures the sexual desire in women by increasing the nitric oxide levels in your body. It also help increasing the blood flow thus improves the pleasure.

  • Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper not only known for providing lubrication to vagina but is also known to intensify heat in the blood flow which makes it more sensitive to touch.

What are the Pros and Cons of HerSolution?

  • 100% natural medically tested formula.
  • Available with discreet shipping.
  • Helps overcome stress and anxiety.
  • No side effects so far reported.
  • Enhance libido and increase pleasure.
  • Keeps the vagina lubricated to add pleasure.
  • Improves overall functions of the body that incorporates towards sexual desire.

Are there any side effects of HerSolution?

There are no side effects linked to the consumption of HerSolution. The manufacturer even suggested to increase the dosage in case the consumers wants to speed the up the effects of the supplement.

The consumption is only advised to be discussed with the doctor in case you are already consuming over the counter medicines, going through any medical procedures and critical diseases. However, the consumption is strictly prohibited by breastfeeding moms and pregnant women. Click here to Buy Now

What is the recommended dosage?

A bottle of HerSolution lasts for a month as each bottle contains 30 pills and as per the suggested dosage a pill should be consumed after meal with a glass of water. The manufacturer didn’t claim any specific time frame to offer best results; however, it was mentioned that the results may vary to each individual.
What is the Price of HerSolution?

A price of a single bottle of HerSolution costs $59.95 including the shipping charges; however, if you are interested to buy 6 months of dosage then the company will offer you to save $130 with free and discreet shipping on your address.

Is there any money back guarantee offered?

HerSolution is backed with a 67-days money back guarantee; so in case if you are able to achieve the desired results then you can claim your money on the company’s website just like you placed the order for the purchase. The reason for the 67 days’ time frame is to make sure that you have consumed the amount of supplement as needed to kick off the treatment and show results; as this supplement takes time to adjust with the body and start showing the desired results.

Final Verdict:

The best libido enhancer or the best supplement for menopause is the one that serves your needs and offer results without causing any side effects to your health. Both Provestra and HerSolution are based on potent ingredients that are 100% safe to use and do not contain any adverse effects t your health. Based on the natural formulation both the supplements work on the body’s mechanism to treat the low libido and menopause symptoms naturally. The best way to choose between the two so that you may get the best results is to check out the ingredients to seek if they aren’t allergic to the ingredients included then choose the one that suits your needs.
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