Best Online Dance Classes for 2021 - (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you’ve always wanted to learn dancing, one of the numerous available online dance classes might be the best option for you.

Whether you’re a beginner or somewhat skillful dancer, we have curated a list of the best courses on the internet. We based our search on difficulty, price, class type, class size, dance style, and online reviews.

Enroll in your perfect virtual dance class with our help.

The Best Online Dancing Classes (Expert Choice)

  1. Ballet for Kids and Their Parents - Best Dance Class for Kids
  2. Dance Freely - Best Class for Inventing New Techniques
  3. Hip Hop Dance Masterclass - Best Dance Class for Men
  4. Swing Dancing - Intro to Lindy Hop - Best Class for Couples
  5. Parris Goebel Teaches Creativity in Choreography - Best Class to Boost Creativity
  6. Usher Teaches The Art of Performance - Best for Performance Improvement
  7. Modern Dance Beginner Course - Best Online Dance Lessons for Beginners
  8. Mesmerizing Belly Dance - Best Dance Class for Women
  9. Pole Dancing Video Course with Noelle Wood - Best Class for Challenging Dances

The Best Dance Classes Online: Top Nine Reviews

If you’ve been looking for the right virtual dance class to get back in shape or just learn something new, we’ve got the best ten options right here.

1. Skillshare Ballet for Kids and Their Parents Review

●  Dance Style: Ballet

●  Difficulty: Beginner

●  Price: Free to Skillshare Users ($29.88 Yearly Platform Subscription)

Ballet is a complex dance, but some beginner moves can be learned quickly. This course is helpful for people of all ages, so if you have children, an online ballet class can be an excellent family activity.

The instructor in this course is from a dance studio called “Grand Art Ballet,” based in Hungary. The whole course lasts for 27 minutes, and lessons are intended for absolute beginners.

There are 178 students in total, and it has a good rating on Skillshare (all reviews are positive). The testimonials claim that the teacher is engaging, clear, and provides tips that can be implemented instantly, making it one of the best online dance classes for kids.

One thing that makes this class unique is the possibility of getting in contact with a teacher. As a result, there is an active community on Udemy. You can ask the teacher directly if you have problems with specific exercises.

Furthermore, if you like these lessons, you can book more on their official website, as they offer ballet classes for all levels—from beginner to advanced.

This is undoubtedly one of the best online dance classes if you or your kid are interested in ballet but don’t have time to go to live classes. It’s also suitable for those who want to ensure that this type of dance suits them before enrolling in a paid course.

This class is free for Skillshare users (they pay $29.88 per year to access all courses on the platform).


●  Engaging teacher that offers discussions

●  Suitable for all ages

●  Easily applicable


●  It’s only 27 minutes long

2. Skillshare Dance Freely: Improvise in a Soulful, Playful, and Authentic Way! Review

●  Dance Style: Freestyle

●  Difficulty: Beginner

●  Price: Free to Skillshare Users ($29.88 Yearly Platform Subscription)

Dancing isn’t all about the rules; it’s also about breaking them. If you’re wondering how exactly to do that and want to take your dancing to the next level, the online dancing lessons from this course are for you.

This form of improvising is called freestyle dancing, and you’ve probably heard of it before. It’s suitable both for absolute beginners and advanced learners.

So if you have a Skillshare account, you should definitely take one of these virtual dance lessons. They only last 13 minutes!

Don’t judge your dance lessons online on their length but their applicability. You will become a good dancer only if you practice, and these classes are made to teach the proper technique for you to apply during your practice.

For this class, there are no projects or discussions with the instructor. The only thing you have to do is record yourself while dancing after you finish.

Of 643 learners, 64% stated these at-home dance lessons exceeded their expectations, while only 8% weren’t that satisfied. Also, people have mentioned qualities like the clarity of instruction, an engaging teacher, and helpful examples.

This class is basically for everyone. It’s not pricey at all (if you’re already a Skillshare user, then it’s free), and it’s short enough that even the busiest people have time for it.


●  Has excellent reviews, and learners are very satisfied

●  Short, but concise and very informative

●  For all skill levels


●  You have to be a Skillshare member

3. Skillshare Hip Hop Dance Masterclass: Learn Hip Hop Dance at Home Review

●  Dance Style: Hip Hop

●  Difficulty: All Levels

●  Price: Free to Skillshare Users ($29.88 Yearly Platform Subscription)

If you’ve got two left feet and want to try and break out of your shell, this hip-hop masterclass just might be able to help you out.

These hip-hop dance lessons are online and for all skill levels. The class is lengthy and full of great techniques and information for everyone. It’s neatly organized and even has practice lessons.

Nevertheless, hip-hop dance can be tricky to learn at home if you want to be an advanced learner without prior experience. Still, almost all learners who enrolled in this class claim that it can help you reach your dancing dreams.

That’s why this is one of the best online hip-hop dance classes. You won’t only learn moves, but also the theory behind them, with an explanation class before every new dance move.

If you decide to take this class, you will learn 30 different moves and how to incorporate them into eight separate routines.

The class consists of 74 lessons and lasts for 4 hours and 38 minutes, and student reviews say it went way beyond expectations.


●  Both instructional and practice lessons

●  Great instruction

●  For all levels


●  You have to be a Skillshare member

4. Skillshare Swing Dancing - Intro to Lindy Hop

●  Dance Style: Swing

●  Difficulty: Beginner

●  Price: Free to Skillshare Users ($29.88 Yearly Platform Subscription)

Some of the best dance classes for adults are those for couples. You can have fun with your partner while practicing a new skill and strengthening the bond between you. 

Lindy hop is a type of swing dance, and it was popular in New York back in the 1940s. If you like dancing, history, and vintage culture, this class is perfect for you.

However, since swing dancing isn’t as easy as it looks, this class is dedicated only to beginners.

This is one of the free online dance classes for everyone who already pays for Skillshare. It lasts for 34 minutes, has 13 lessons, and 282 students have already taken it.

You can send recordings of your progress to the instructor (you don’t need to have a partner to do so) and receive feedback from them.

The reviews for this class are very positive, with 71% of learners reporting that the course exceeded their expectations and 29% stating that the class provided what was promised. Just one of the many reasons this is one of the best dance classes for beginners.

Start Free Trail


●  A passionate instructor

●  Suitable only for beginners

●  Great for couples


●  You have to be a Skillshare member

5. Masterclass Parris Goebel Teaches Creativity in Choreography Review

●  Dance Style: Choreography

●  Difficulty: Advanced

●  Price: Free to Masterclass Subscribers ($216 per year)

If you already know how to dance, it might be time to think about mastering choreography with the masterclass offered by Parris Goebel.

This class isn’t recommended for beginners or people who know little about dancing. Still, if you want to build a career as a choreographer, this is a great start.

This choreography dance class will also teach you to improvise, just in a different way. Parris Goebel explains the flow of the creative process when creating good choreography and how to make the most of it. She is an award-winning artist, so you don’t need to question her credibility.

The classes are recorded, so you can’t interact with your instructor. On the positive side, since there are no live classes, you can learn at your own pace.

Although this masterclass is far from professional dancing classes, it can help professionals brainstorm and come up with new and unique choreographies.

Masterclass’s pricing system is similar to Skillshare: you need to subscribe to gain access. Their annual subscription fee is $216, and you get access to all of their classes and courses for free.

If you want to check before committing, you can see the class sample before subscribing.


●  The instructor is an award-winning choreographer

●  Learn at your own pace

●  Excellent for getting new ideas


●  Not suitable for beginners

6. Masterclass Usher Teaches The Art of Performance Review

●  Dance Style: Performance

●  Difficulty: Advanced

●  Price: Free to Masterclass Subscribers ($216 per year)

You undoubtedly know who Usher is, but did you know that Usher has won 8 Grammy awards? This is the first class he has ever made and the only course about performance and captivating audiences on the Masterclass platform.

This is one of the free dance classes online that you won’t want to miss. Usher teaches his unique techniques in this class and how to use interpretation and individuality to interact with the audience.

We can say that this is a good class for professionals, as beginners don’t need such information. This class includes 16 lessons, and all are pre-recorded.

This course requires a subscription to the Masterclass platform. So if you’re looking for free virtual dance classes on the same topic, you’re not likely to find them because most of the free ones are for beginners.

This class is the perfect chance to learn from someone’s personal experience with performance and success. Learners praise Usher’s storytelling and down-to-earth attitude.

Remember that Masterclass doesn’t provide an online dance course with a certificate. Still, you will receive a completion letter after you finish. Notably, Masterclass doesn’t provide certificates at all.


●  For advanced students

●  Eight-time award-winning instructor

●  Online dance courses like this don’t exist anywhere else


●  Classes are pre-recorded

7. Udemy Modern Dance Beginner Course Review

●  Dance Style: Modern

●  Difficulty: Beginner

●  Price: $29.99

Modern or contemporary dance is an umbrella term for various dance techniques, so this class doesn’t really focus on any of them. Instead, it prepares you for further improvement.

When you complete it, you’ll be able to move your body more freely and adapt to any new dancing style.

This course is one of the online dance classes for beginners on this list, as you will learn how to move safely, relax through your movements, and do strengthening and combination exercises.

The total length of this class is 45 minutes, and it has one section and five lectures. You can preview one of them, along with the introduction video, and If you like it, you can buy it for $29.99.

It’s frequently on sale, so you can buy it even for $9.99 (which is 67% less) if you get lucky. Don’t miss that chance when you notice that there’s a discount, once you buy this class, you get it for a lifetime.

Notably, this online dance course comes with a certificate of completion, which can be a valuable addition to any portfolio. The total number of learners enrolled in this class is 510, and 85 rated it 4.5 out of 5.

The learners are satisfied, as only 2% of them gave this class one star. If you aren’t sure what kind of dance you want to master and don’t know where to start, this is the perfect dance class for you.


●  There are no requirements for this class

●  Focuses on exercises and strengthening footwork

●  It covers more techniques and dance methods


●  Not tailored to more advanced dancers

8. Udemy Mesmerizing Belly Dance Foundations Review

●  Dance Type: Belly Dancing

●  Difficulty: Beginner

●  Price: $29.99

If you want to wake up your feminine side, then belly dance is definitely for you.

Luckily, Udemy provides the best online dance classes for this form of dancing, featuring Stephanie Smith, an experienced performance artist and belly dance teacher. She even wrote a workbook on belly dance.

This class is for beginners and those who want to have fun, so there are no requirements or prior preparations.

You’ll learn upper and lower body movements, their combinations, and choreographies. Also, not many belly dancing classes online provide workbooks and PDF resources like this one, so you can review and study what you’ve learned over the course.

Mesmerizing belly dance course costs $29.99, but it’s on sale frequently, like other Udemy’s courses. You can find it even for $10.99 at times.

It lasts for 2 hours and 35 minutes, has 76 lectures and doesn’t contain practice videos. 205 Students rated this course 4.6 out of 5 (and it has 1,278 students in total).

You can probably find belly dancing classes online for free, but this course is undoubtedly worth your money. If you’re a woman who wants to have fun while working out, this course will give you what you want.


●  Contains downloadable resources

●  The instructor teaches more than 20 belly dance moves

●  The course is organized into 11 sections


●  Only for beginners

9. Udemy Pole Dancing Video Course with Noelle Wood Review

●  Dance Type: Pole Dancing

●  Difficulty: Any Level

●  Price: $24.99

Despite its origins, pole dancing is a form of art, a sport, and a great way to exercise. Making you incredibly strong, pole dancing allows you to get in touch with your feminine side while boosting your confidence as you learn various maneuvers and tricks.

This class isn’t only for women, though. There are countless male pole dancers in the world, so don’t let gender norms and stigma stop you from doing what you truly want.

This class is one of the best pole dancing classes online because it teaches you the basics and some more advanced moves. This course includes a lesson about safety, which is very important, as this form of dancing can be dangerous.

It is four hours and four minutes long, is divided into six sections, and is neatly organized. Each new move is classified as a lesson, and you can download these virtual dance classes for adults in mp4 format and learn offline.

The original price of this course is $24.99, but try to wait for a 60% off discount and get it for only $9.99. Its rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars, and the total number of learners is 918. It’s important to note that almost all Udemy’s courses are available on mobile and TV, as well.

Maybe you think it’s impossible to learn anything from online pole dancing classes, but all you have to do is find a place where you can practice your new moves.


●  Bestseller on Udemy

●  All lessons are entirely family-friendly

●  Lessons can be downloaded


●  You need access to a pole

How to Choose The Best Online Dance Lessons - A Buyer’s Guide

Firstly, you need to know what exactly you want to achieve by taking dance classes. Do you want to get toned, lose weight, learn a new skill, or just have fun? It’s essential to know this before you enroll in a course, especially if you’re going to pay for it.

Secondly, consider your obligations and how much free time you can spend on dancing. Do you have a busy life schedule, children, or a lot of work? If that’s the case, schedule your plans accordingly or just take self-paced classes.

Remember that there are so many options when online dance classes are in question. You can always adjust your schedule and learn to dance regardless of how busy you are.

What are the Benefits of Dancing?

Weight loss isn’t the primary reason you should get more active, but dancing is a fun way to get in shape and stay healthy.

You should definitely consider dancing if your job requires a lot of sitting or standing because that can have detrimental effects on your posture and overall physical health.

Dancing is a form of self-expression. Virtual dance lessons will allow you to truly express yourself whether you get stage fright or not because you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Lastly, it’s never a bad thing to learn a new skill.

Why Should I Take Dancing Classes?

Take dancing classes if you want to:

●  Get in shape

●  Have fun

●  Impress your date at the club

●  Learn something new

Even if some dancing styles may seem easy, you can get hurt if you don’t practice properly. Professional dancing classes help you sharpen your skills while learning the proper technique to avoid injury and accidents.

How to Choose The Best Class for You?

Look for an instructor who can provide what you seek, especially if you have specific requirements, such as live dance classes online.

Also, know how much you want to spend on your new hobby. It may be better to start with free classes for absolute beginners to see if a specific dance style suits you or not.

1. Class Length, Type, and Size

The quality of classes doesn’t necessarily depend on their length. Dancing is a matter of practice, and no matter how long the lessons are, you won’t improve if you don’t get up and dance.

Of course, if you intend to learn some intermediate or advanced moves and tricks, consider searching for longer classes.

Also, a choreography dance class is different from regular dancing classes. Therefore, be careful and don’t mix those two. If you’re an absolute beginner, you should focus on moving your body and feeling the rhythm, not specific details and steps.

Other dance lessons focus on theory. Still, it’s best to leave those to experienced dancers and those looking to teach since it's pretty hard to find free online dance teaching courses.

2. Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews

Luckily, every class on our list above this section is on a reliable and popular online learning platform (Udemy, Skillshare, and Masterclass).

You can find numerous reviews from all kinds of learners, which is the best way to find out if online dance classes are good. If there are many good reviews (and many reviews in general), it’s very likely that bad reviews are somewhat biased.

3. Price, Trial Period, and Return Policy

Of course, expect higher prices if you want more professional or one-on-one classes. That’s why you should know in advance how much you’re willing to spend.

If you really want to dance just for fun, then take free online dance classes, you can find them all over the internet. You can always change your mind and take more professional classes if your hobby turns into a serious passion.

Many platforms, like Udemy, have a 30-day return policy. So, even if you buy a class and end up dissatisfied, you can get your money back.


Can I learn dancing online?

It depends on your goals. If you’re disciplined, you will be able to acquire basic or even intermediate dancing skills. Also, easier types of dances can even be mastered on your own or with an online teacher. For more technical types of dance, such as ballet, it's likely you will need to attend live classes. Some people can’t learn without an instructor who is right next to them. In that case, even live dance classes online probably wouldn’t be useful. Therefore, a person can succeed in learning on their own only if that learning method suits them.

Which app is best for online dance classes?

It’s challenging to pick only one app since they are very different. For instance, “Steezy Studio” is suitable both for beginners and advanced dancers. The best mobile app for choreographed dance classes is called “Just Dance Now,” but there are even more specialized apps, such as “Salsa Rhythm” and “Pocket Salsa.” Keep in mind that many of those apps don’t include lessons with instructors. Instead, they usually contain step-by-step guides and instructions (some even use 3D models that show dance moves). “Steezy,” however, has recorded classes.

How do I choose an online dance class?

Think about what kind of dance you want to learn. After that, do thorough research about your instructors and the way they teach, and compare that with your needs. If you wish to have live classes or learn one-on-one with someone, pick an instructor who can provide it.

Are there any free online dance classes?

You can find many quality free classes on the internet, especially if you’re a beginner. For example, Skillshare and Udemy offer free courses, while Masterclass has only paid courses. However, the lessons aren’t very long, and advanced learners can’t really benefit from them. Of course, there are also countless videos about dancing on Youtube (you just need to search thoroughly for quality content).

How do you take dance classes online?

Although all kinds of dance classes and lessons exist, every course should have an instructor. Classes can be live, scheduled, or recorded. Recorded classes are the best for people without a flexible schedule. Luckily, all courses that we’ve mentioned in this article are recorded. Apart from that, you can even search for teachers who give one-on-one dancing lessons. All in all, how you take online dance classes depends on your personal preferences.

Bottom Line

With so many classes to choose from online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options, so we did the heavy lifting for you.

Whether it’s ballet or hip-hop lessons you’re looking for, as a mom or for your kids—with these ten options that we’ve narrowed down our research to, we guarantee your online dance classes will never lack rhythm.

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