Best Online Dating Sites & Apps For Singles To Find A Perfect Match In 2022

It is 2022, and the world has become so digitized that we can order food from home, track our phones, pay bills, and last but not least, schedule dates from home. People who failed to make a connection in the real world have begun to search for true love on these platforms.

There are millions of dating sites available, and since the pandemic, their popularity has gone through the roof. Finding a unique dating website that will offer all the information beforehand can be a demanding job. That is why we are here to help and make the whole online process a bit easier.

A quick search online will show an exhausting list of platforms for online dating, and it may seem overwhelming at first. If you follow our article for the best dating sites, we will provide information about ten of the most reputable brands and the features that come with them, together with the pros and cons.

Top 4 & Best Dating Sites Of 2022

We did the work for you, and with high criteria in mind, search the internet for the best dating sites. Here are the sites that we decided on and what we think are the best ones for any kind of relationship.

1. AdultFriendFinder - Overall Best Dating Site For Singles, Editor’s Pick

2. eHarmony - Most Popular Dating Site To Meet People Online

3. Seeking - Highly Trusted Dating Sites For Serious Relationship

4. What’s Your Price - Best Online Platform For Casual Dating

#1. AdultFriendFinder- Overall Best Dating Site For Singles, Editor’s Pick

Our top on the list is a platform that delivers precisely what its name suggests. AdultFriendFinder can help you find a friend that can be more than that. The platform uses the concept like just in the movie Friends with Benefits. The company is known worldwide and has more than 80 million users. This platform is an excellent place if you are not looking for something serious and want to keep things casual.

The interface of AdultFriendFinder resembles other social media or content-sharing platforms. It can be a great way to meet someone special without getting attached. The site is designed for a hassle-free and quick dating experience, and it is suited for people of all preferences.


If you create a profile at AdultFriendFinder, the site allows you to expose as much information as possible or keep everything private and protected. You can choose whether you like to have your location, sexuality, or physical description shown or not. The platform offers a great experience if you are a fan of casual dating.

AdultFriendFinder allows a wide range of options for communication and virtual dating. It allows video chat, live feeds, messaging, etc. Before paying the total price, you can try the free version and see how it works. Unlike other dating sites, the questionnaire for AdultFriendFinder only takes 30 seconds.

Visit the Official Website of Adult FriendFinder


  • Eligible for anyone above 18 years old
  • Free membership is available
  • Easily navigated interface similar to social media
  • A lot of options are available for the profile content
  • Available website and app
  • Quick and simple sign up
  • Over 80 million users


  • More male than female users
  • Little pricey

#2. eHarmony - Most Popular Dating Site To Meet People Online

eHarmony is a company founded in 2000, and since then, it has been responsible for over 15 million matches every day. In addition to that, the site has managed to stagger 600,000 marriages. The success of eHarmony is based on its uniqueness and questionnaire that cover everything in-depth. This allows people to fully understand the true personality of the person they are interacting with and make a decision based on that.

The company is stationed in Los Angeles, California, and is considered a veteran in the online dating game since it has more than 20 years of experience. eHarmony is a platform that understands the significant factor for any successful relationship: compatibility.


The company has a unique personality assessment that analyzes every detail like behavior, lifestyle, likes, and dislikes to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

eHarmony has a nurturing and genuine approach to relationships, which is why the company is at the top. In other words, the platform brings a fresh and new approach to love.

The site is not eligible for casual dating and is primarily focused on serious and long-term commitments. What separates eHarmony from other competitors is its unique algorithm that immediately weeds out the unsuitable matches and only leaves the compatible choices.

Visit the Official Website of eHarmony


  • A safe platform for every information
  • A unique algorithm that offers valuable matches
  • Excellent membership base
  • Video call feature
  • Easy interface
  • Free beginner version
  • Suitable for anyone that is looking for a serious relationship


  • Little expensive
  • The free edition is limited
  • Polysexual people need two accounts

#3. Seeking- Highly Trusted Dating Sites For Serious Relationship

Next on our list is Seeking, which is also called Seeking Arrangement. As the name suggests, this platform has a specific audience–the wealthy and cuts straight to the chase, experienced males seeking a young and pretty companion. This is why the platform has a high male-to-female encounter ratio. Seeking is a transparent side that doesn’t hide from the audience of sugar daddies.

Seeking Arrangement has four times more women than men signed up in the database. The platform focuses on elite users who intend to spoil their sugar babies with luxury, attention, and expensive gifts.

Even though some people may be terrified of the idea that a young woman is waiting for an older wealthy gentleman, Seeking has an exciting and safe approach. The platform has a transaction-like nature, and there is no judgment anywhere. Nobody should shy away from pleasure.


Seeking is an app that can be eligible for luxury millionaires that can only win over a lady that is “out of their league” by offering money and expensive gifts. The platform offers you a choice between suitable singles that are physically attractive, those who are wealthy, and the third category, someone that is way up high on the social ladder.

Seeking Arrangement may provide, one-night stands, and any other form of connection. However, the site is not for anyone looking for a serious relationship.

Online dating comes with a little bit of surprise every time, whether good or bad. This company is different because you know what you are getting yourself into right from the start.

Visit the Official Website of Seeking


  • High male to female ratio
  • Authentic platform with safety protocols
  • Search option available
  • Anyone above 18 years old can use the site
  • Women can sign up for free
  • Free membership


  • Only suited for one type of dating
  • May be dangerous
  • Expensive

#4. What’s Your Price- Best Online Platform For Casual Dating

What’s Your Price is probably the most popular dating app, and almost every person on the planet is familiar with its addictive swiping function. People have made jokes about it in real life, talk show hosts are making similar games, and everyone is caught up when it comes to What’s Your Price. This platform has an excellent user base that focuses on the younger crowd. Half of the users on What’s Your Price are between 18 and 25 years old. The great thing about What’s Your Price is that it is free, and anyone can access it through the site or by signing in on the application.

We think that What’s Your Price got its reputation and popularity simply because it brings something genuinely fun to the table. Swiping across profiles and picking the ones you like, talking about them, rejecting them, and the whole thing can be just like a bit of ego boost. A study done in recent years has shown that most of the people on the What’s Your Price app are there for entertainment, and the hooking up part is optional.


What’s Your Price is definitely not as in-depth as other more reputable dating platforms, which need a lot of information to assess your personality before offering you matches. In comparison, What’s Your Price solely relies on your location and pairs you with single people near you who are also signed on to the app.

What’s Your Price is best suitable for people who enjoy the rush of meeting new strangers and going on dates without preferences or seriousness for settling down.

Visit the Official Website of What’s Your Price


  • The most popular dating site
  • Over 26 million matches a day
  • Staggering success rate
  • Free membership is available
  • Flexible profiles
  • Mobile compatible app
  • Can link Instagram and Spotify accounts
  • Easy swipe to match process


  • The privacy may be compromised after linking your What’s Your Price account with social media
  • It gives you matches that are only near you

How To Be Safe On The Top Dating Sites For Long Lasting Relationships?

Hooking up for a one-night stand or finding love has moved its boundaries, which has changed since the old days. You had to meet people through mutual friends or hang around the bar late at night back in the day. Like any other thing, the internet is a blessing that makes all dreams come true.

Dating sites and apps are not a new concept, and even elderly folks are aware of them, especially since COVID 19, when all we could see is half of a person’s face. With so many different platforms that promise to find you a perfect match for every need, we scoured the internet and weeded out the top ten platforms that actually deliver on their promise. With so many companies, only a few are reliable. If you seek a long-term relationship that can turn into a marriage or just a one-time thing, you can find the best dating sites in our article that have something for everyone.

If you decide to give an online dating site a chance, here are some pointers on how to stay safe:

Pick a safe platform

This may seem like an obvious choice, but by a safe platform, we mean not trusting the site when saying it is secure but exploring the profile options and what is the information required for signing up. Some sites are private on purpose, and some need as much information as possible to match you up with a life partner. It is all based on your preferences. You should always look for a certified site. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you have trouble finding a site, you can choose based on our reviews. Every platform that we talked about is certified and highly popular.

Don’t rush anything

If you are new to the online dating world, you probably have some common sense, and you are just browsing while not getting into anything right away. But people have been known to jump on the wagon after a heartbreak or after letting alcohol cloud their judgment.


Even if the site you are using for a date has many options and information about their profiles, we recommend doing a little digging on your own. Search the name and see if the person is who he really is. Check social media, like Facebook and Instagram. If everything is accurate and you are about to go on a date, you may learn something that can be a fun conversation starter. There’s nothing wrong with researching social media for your partner, just to make sure that he is a real person and everything he listed as info checks out.

Meet in public

It doesn’t matter what kind of precautions you have taken from the comfort of your own home while using a dating app; the safety concern comes when you meet face to face. The best way to avoid any uncomfortable situations is to meet in public. The restaurant or the bar doesn’t have to be a crowded place or club where it is hard to talk with all the music. However, having a pleasant conversation in a room with strangers can be easy and convenient if you like to leave at any time.

FAQs About Dating Sites

Q1. What dating site has the highest success rate?

The success rate is something that concerns online dating sites that offer long-term relationships. The sites that offer dating online care more about the publicity and the reputation of their platform. The success rate varies from person to person, and people have different preferences. We think that eHarmony holds the number one place for the highest success rate with over 600 000 marriages and 15 million matches. If you like to learn more, you can find this platform in the first spot in our Best Dating Sites article.

Concluding On Best Dating Sites For Women & Men

The best dating sites come with safety and authenticity, no matter the type of interaction. It can be casual, a one-night stand, or something more serious. To meet people you can trust, you need a reliable and transparent dating site. You can find 10 dating platforms that offer something different in our article. We created our list to help you have the most exciting experience and be safe.

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