Is Herbies Seeds Legit? Herbies Seeds Review – Read Before Buying (2022)

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When you search for cannabis seeds online, you’re likely to see Herbies Headshop among the top search results. This suggests that Herbies Seeds is probably one of the industry’s leaders. But is that really the case? Our personal experience with this seed shop says it is: Herbies is indeed a legit place to buy cannabis seeds. Read our Herbies Seeds review to judge for yourself.

Our Personal Experience Ordering From Herbies

We placed our first order with Herbies (for two of their own autoflowering strains) on July 28, 2021. The shop warned us of possible delays due to an overload in postal offices amid ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Indeed, the shipment took a full week to leave the country of origin (Spain) and another two to safely arrive at our U.S. address.

So, if you’re wondering whether Herbies Seeds ships to the U.S., they do. And now that the global economy has adapted itself to the pandemic, the estimated delivery time is down to 19-24 days. The delivery cost is €11 ($12.50), and this price includes the ability to track your parcel the whole way.

Other Customers Express Similar Satisfaction

Reading customer reviews on the Herbies Headshop website, it becomes obvious that many people receive their orders even faster than promised: from a couple of days to the UK to a little over a week to the U.S. This is indeed lightning-fast and on the level of the best practices of modern e-commerce.

On the Herbies website, you’ll find a shipping calculator for different countries. The cost of shipping is from 8 to 15 EUR (USD 9-17), and the delivery time depends on the destination. A parcel sent via Certified Mail arrives the fastest to EU addresses but takes more time for more remote places like Australia or South Africa.

Your Go-To Source of Weed Seeds

Once you’ve received exactly what you paid for, you usually stop throwing the dice and continue purchasing from this one reliable seed store in the future – especially if it has so much more to recommend than simply delivering what’s promised. Here’s a quick overview of Herbies Seeds pros and cons:


  • Fresh and viable seeds of the highest quality
  • Widest choice of breeders and strains
  • At any given time, at least some breeders offer promos, extra seeds, and discounts
  • You get a free seed with every order
  • For every €20 ($22.70) spent, you choose an extra seed from a list of freebies
  • Fast, friendly, and professional 24/7 customer support
  • Card payments plus other payment options
  • Discreet packaging with the ability to choose the extra “stealth” option
  • Global shipping with a UPS option for Europe


  • For some countries, “stealth” delivery is the only option
  • UPS is not yet added for the U.S. or Australia

A More In-Depth Review

We were curious to look beyond our personal (limited) experience and what other customers like us had to say in the comment section of the Herbies website. It’s nice for a start, but we tend to put more trust in reviews on third-party platforms.

An independent review platform – – currently has 388 reviews with an average score of 4.77. 95% of those who’ve rated Herbies seed shop recommend it to others. Reviewers speak highly of the quality of Herbies weed seeds, excellent customer service, and speedy delivery to various locations around the world.

A Google search for news on Herbies Seeds returns a lot of results, most of them listing the seed shop among the most reputable in the industry.

Even Better Service After a Recent Change of Ownership

Herbies Headshop started some 20 years ago in the UK, but by 2020, according to posts on the 420magazine forum, it changed its ownership and moved to Alicante, Spain. According to internet users, the new management really changed the service for the better.

Being based in Spain also put the company right in the middle of the country’s bustling cannabis economy. Thanks to its uniquely liberal laws, Spain is home to many of the world’s best breeders and largest distributors of cannabis seed. For the user, this means the widest choice of seeds and that they’re always in stock.

Whatever You Desire

In its catalog, Herbies Headshop features thousands of cannabis seeds from more than 120 seed breeders. The list includes such behemoths as Barney’s Farm and Fast Buds with their collections of bestsellers, but also many smaller seed boutiques from Spain and the Netherlands, the U.S. and Canada, and other countries.

In practical terms, this means that after you’ve powered through the list of top-selling European classics and hottest new arrivals from America, you can start filling your collection with landrace genetics from places like Jamaica, Colombia, Thailand, Morocco, and other exotic-sounding locations. Whatever rare strain you’re looking for, odds are you’ll find at least some version of it at Herbies.

The seed shop also lets you order varieties not currently featured in its catalog. To do that, you need to get in touch with their customer service. Working on a daily basis with Spain’s largest wholesalers allows Herbies Seeds to satisfy your every whim.

Herbies’ Seeds Bank

Recently, the High Times magazine published an article about Herbies’ in-house flagship strain Grandmommy Purple. With 33% THC, no one should wonder why this super potent and tasty Indica has become the seed shop’s top-selling variety. However, other strains from the newly founded Herbies seeds bank are all in the same ballpark potency-wise. This collection consists of photoperiod varieties with at least 26% THC and autoflowers with no less than 23%. Judging by their names, such as Mimosa Shot, Runtz Punch, Bruce Banner, and Gelato, most of Herbies’ cannabis seeds are current favorites of U.S. West Coast dispensaries.

Great Shopping Experience

Whether you choose some of Herbies’ in-house creations or any of the thousands of strains from other breeders that the shop sells, the process of selecting and ordering them is an easy, familiar, and rewarding experience.

The website has a clean and attractive design and an easy-to-use search form. All strains are grouped into many categories and collections, allowing users to fill their shopping cart with genetics tailored exactly to their preferences. And whatever category you choose, you can fine-tune your selection with filters, be it genetic profile, THC content, or any other criteria.

Almost all product pages have photos of the plants to help you make an informed choice. Better yet, every strain has a short and a long in-depth description, both of them accurate. The most popular strains also have customer reviews from which you can glean useful growing tips.

We’ve already mentioned Herbies’ stellar customer support. It’s available 24/7 – you can either chat with a salesperson using an online form or call a toll-free number (for shoppers in the U.S., UK, and EU). Speaking with a live person is both reassuring and a great way to have all your questions answered.

Payment is Easy and Secure

Once you’re ready to check out, things get even more familiar. You’ve probably done it a hundred times paying for other goods and services online. You don’t need to sign up, but depending on the country you choose, you’ll see different payment options available.

The most convenient form of payment is a credit or debit card. Herbies has added an extra layer of protection to your card transactions by adopting the 3D Secure feature. For you, it means that no payment will go through unless you confirm it with a one-time code sent to your phone via SMS.

Other methods of payment include bitcoin and, for some but not all countries, bank transfers and cash on delivery.

Germination Guarantee and Returns Policy

Waiting for your order to arrive shouldn’t be a nail-biting experience – and it isn’t with Herbies. They go to great lengths to ensure that all their seeds are stored at proper temperatures. They also package the order in such a way as to minimize the risk of damage en route to you.

All this means that the cannabis seeds you order from Herbies will arrive at your doorstep fresh and viable, and at least 70% of them should germinate. If this doesn’t happen (an unlikely scenario), you can fill out a claim and rest assured that your issue will be resolved. Some reviewers have given Herbies Seeds a five-star rating for exactly that.

You can even return your purchase. Just be sure to do it within 7 days after you’ve received it and send the seeds back in unused condition. The downside is that you’ll have to pay the cost of shipping, but at least you’ll get a full refund for the goods.

The Verdict: Herbies is Legit

The Herbies seeds shop is totally worth it. It offers all the perks and guarantees that we take for granted in modern-day e-commerce. The website navigation and customer support, payment process, and tracking of your postal order all combine into an easy, intuitive, and seamless shopping experience.

And thanks to the staggering choice of high-quality seeds, as well as a plethora of deals and special offers, you’ll find any strain you might fancy, and at competitive prices too. Try Herbies once, and it’ll probably become your only place for buying cannabis seeds in the future.

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