Test Boost Reviews: Top 5 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements of 2021

Do you feel tired or sluggish? Do you lack the strength and stamina you had in your youth? For men, these symptoms can be byproducts of low testosterone.
Testosterone is a powerful sex hormone that plays a vital role in sex drive, energy, and muscle mass. Most men produce their highest testosterone levels around the age of 17. That rate holds steady for roughly two decades before tapering off around the age of 40.

While low testosterone levels are normal for older men, you don't have to let them hold you back. Test boosters, provide an affordable and effective way to feel years younger.

With so many testosterone boosting supplements to choose from, it can feel like a daunting task to determine the right product for your needs. We've reviewed the best testosterone boosting supplements on the market to help you in your search.

We evaluated them on several criteria, including ingredients, customer reviews, and price, then categorized them based on their benefits. Based on our careful review, here are the top five testosterone boosting supplements of 2021.

The 5 Best Testosterone Boosters on the Market

#1 TestoPrime - Strongest Testosterone Booster
TestoPrime is the best testosterone booster for building muscle. Men begin to lose their strength as they approach 40. TestoPrime is here to change that. This testosterone booster allows men to reclaim the vigor they had in their prime, thanks to 12 clinically-tested natural ingredients.

TestoPrime puts an end to low testosterone. According to its website, the test boost supplement can elevate testosterone production as much as 44% within three months. It also reduces stress, burns body fat, and increases stamina.
Korean red ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng, is the primary among the 12 ingredients in TestoPrime. The root, historically used in Chinese remedies, has anti-oxidizing properties and can elevate energy levels. That way, you will have the endurance you need to crush gym workouts and cardio sessions.

Wolfson Berg Limited, the health company behind TestoPrime, recommends that you take one TestoPrime capsule four times per day. The manufacturer recommends taking a pill with every meal to ensure consistent testosterone production throughout the day. This method helps open the floodgates to more muscle mass and muscle definition for older men.

TestPrime is for any man looking to pack on the muscle. Whether you're a gym-goer, sports enthusiast, or just love being active, this testosterone boosting supplement is packed with clinically proven ingredients to do just the job. Enjoy increased strength, stamina, performance, and more with TestoPrime.

  • 12 Natural, Powerful Clinically-Supported Ingredients
  • Reduces Stress, Burns Body Fat, Increases Strength & Endurance
  • Improve Libido & Stamina
  • Results In As Little As Weeks
  • 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

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#2 TestoGen - Best for Muscle Gain

TestoGen is the best overall testosterone boosting supplement for men looking to raise their t-levels. This supplement is as close to a miracle drug as there is on the market. It provides men with the test boost that they need to feel on top of the world again. This all-in-one supplement does everything from increase muscle size to reduce body fat.

TestoGen has 11 natural ingredients that coax your body into creating more testosterone. The manufacturer, MuscleClub Limited, has tested the ingredients to ensure minimal side effects. Men who take TestoGen will notice improvements in their mood, energy levels, and focus within the first week.
The key ingredient is D-aspartic acid, a natural amino acid responsible for correcting low testosterone levels. This compound encourages the body to create more luteinizing hormone, which stimulates Leydig cells. These cells enable the testes to increase testosterone levels.

Using this product couldn't be easier. The manufacturer recommends that you take four testosterone supplements in the morning, and you'll be good to go for the rest of the day. The simple routine ensures that you can spend more time on things that matter.

If you are ready to reclaim your well-being by improving your physical and mental abilites, increasing musle mass, and boost your sex drive, then TestoGen's "best overall" comprehensive formula might be just what your body is craving.

  • Increase Muscle Size, Strength & Stamina
  • Improves Libido & Performance
  • Results In As Little As A Week
  • Huge Multibuy Savings & Free Worldwide Shipping
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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#3 TestRX - Best for Men over 40
TestRX is the best test booster for men over 40. Forty is the new 30, thanks to TestRX. The all-natural test boost supplement gives men the stamina and strength to feel young again. The cutting-edge formula has already helped thousands of users worldwide to add muscle mass and turbocharge their libido and energy levels.

TestRX works by telling your body to make more testosterone. The stimulating effect enables men to generate more protein that they can use to build muscle and strength. According to its website, clinical studies have shown that TestRX can also improve blood flow, making it ideal for improved endurance.

Zinc monomethionine aspartate (ZMA) is the magic ingredient behind TestRX. A study involving football players had half the team take ZMA supplements while the other half received a placebo. The men who had ZMA saw a 30% spike in their testosterone, while the other players experienced a 10% dip.
Every box of TestRX comes with 120 supplements, enough for one month of increased testosterone levels. The recommendation is to take four pills evenly spaced throughout the day. The even spacing ensures that your body will produce testosterone around-the-clock.

While a testosterone deficiency is typical for 40-year-olds, you don't have to let it limit you. The high-performance supplement gives men the test boost they need to tone their physique and improve their well-being. Leading Edge Health Inc., the manufacturer behind TestRX, also offers free shipping and a 67-day money-back guarantee with each purchase.

  • Carefully Formulated For Maximum Energy, Improved Libido & Increased Muscle Growth For Men Of Any Age
  • Free Shipping When Ordering 3 Boxes or More
  • Made In The USA
  • 67 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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#4 Prime Male - Best for Sex Drive
Prime Male is the best testosterone booster for increased sex drive. Say goodbye to low libido and say hello to the best sex of your life. That's the philosophy behind Prime Male, one of the leading testosterone supplements for increased sex drive. The little red pill has all-natural ingredients that will kick your sexual performance into high gear.

The testosterone booster contains a significant dose of D-aspartic acid. The amino acid stimulates the hypothalamus and convinces it to release luteinizing hormone. This hormone is responsible for raising testosterone levels, along with libido.

This testosterone booster gives users the ability to build lean muscle, shed body fat, and overcome fatigue. It can even sharpen focus and support cognitive function.

Roar Ambition Ltd., the company that manufactures Prime Male, recommends taking one testosterone booster per day. The capsules are powerful enough that you will have elevated testosterone production for the next 24 hours. Don't take more than the recommended dosage due to the risk of adverse reactions.
If your libido has seen better days and your stamina falls short in comparison to your partners, Prime Male's scientifically-backed testosterone booster can help you get back the vitality and vigour you once had. No matter your age this specially formulated supplement is designed to boost libido, enhance endurance, and restore your performance in the bedroom.

  • Can Increase Testosterone 42% In As Little As 12 Days
  • Shifts Libido Into High Gear Taking You From Dud To Stud!
  • Increase Muscle Growth, Sheds Weight & Improves Mood
  • Worldwide Shipping

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#5 TestoFuel - Best for Weight Loss
TestoFuel is the best test booster for men looking to lose weight. Many people add a couple of pounds after they approach middle age. If you want to blast away unwanted belly fat, TestoFuel has you covered. The weight loss supplement delivers a testosterone boost that empowers men to look like they did two decades ago.

Testosterone is an essential hormone that does more than building muscle. It can also regulate fat metabolism and the body's ability to store fat. TestoFuel has all-natural ingredients that make it harder for people to gain weight.
The testosterone booster prevents the body from creating aromatase. This enzyme converts extra testosterone into estradiol, an estrogen steroid hormone. Because TestoFuel restricts this process, it allows users to have higher testosterone levels and a more effective fat metabolism.

Roar Ambition Ltd., the manufacturer behind TestoFuel, recommends taking four pills per day. Space out the capsules at even intervals and take them with water. A single package of TestoFuel will last you for an entire month.
TestoFuel provides the testosterone boost you need to transform your physique from flab to fab. It's why professional bodybuilders like Robby Robinson use the supplement to stay in shape. It also comes with discreet shipping and significant discounts when you purchase in bulk.
  • Increases Muscle Growth, Strength & Metabolism
  • Improves Mood & Self-Esteem
  • All Natural Formula
  • Manufactured In The USA

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How Do Testosterone Boosters Work on Low T-Levels?

Each testosterone booster works differently. While it's impossible to lump all of them into one category, they do share some similarities. For example, TestoGen and Prime Male have more in common with each other than they do with testosterone injections or testosterone replacement therapy.

Many testosterone boosters contain D-aspartic acid, an amino acid that has shown remarkable results in rats. While scientists haven't tested D-aspartic acid as frequently in humans, it has shown promise. The secret is that the compound elevates T levels in two ways.

First, D-aspartic acid directly influences the testes to create more testosterone. The amino acid goes to the source and stimulates testosterone production. Second, it tells the brain to release more luteinizing hormone from the pituitary gland, which has the same effect.

Early trials in humans have shown that D-aspartic acid can raise T-levels 42% in 12 days. All users need to do is take three grams per day. Results also indicate that the compound is even more effective on infertile men, elevating their testosterone levels 30% to 60%, according to a 2012 study from Advances in Sexual Medicine.

It's worth noting that none of the products in this article contain testosterone. Using medical-grade testosterone requires FDA-regulation and a doctor's permission. These solutions help your body produce more testosterone in the same way that someone might drink coffee to curb their appetite or increase their focus.

How We Reviewed the Best Testosterone Boosters

Ingredients: What a product contains can make or break a testosterone booster. The best products have powerful, all-natural ingredients that help you add muscle mass and lose weight without side effects. Key ingredients to look for include D-aspartic acid, horny goat weed, vitamin B6, and hawthorn berry.
The last thing you want to do is to take a testosterone booster only to find out that it has no effect. Even worse, the product might cause an adverse reaction. If you have allergies or take medication, talk with your primary care physician before taking a testosterone booster.

Benefits to Testosterone Levels
: While all of the testosterone boosters on our list offer health benefits, the results vary between products. For example, TestoFuel works best if you want to lose weight. However, if you want to add muscle, you're better off purchasing TestoPrime.

We understand that the best testosterone booster for one person might not be the best for another. Our goal is to connect people with the product that meets their needs, no matter what they are. For this review, we selected test boosters on the market that excel in specific areas so that you can find one that matches your interests.

It's no secret that staying healthy can cost a lot of money. Expect to pay roughly $50 for a single bottle of testosterone boosting supplements on today's market. The price tag may be higher or lower depending on the ingredients and the brand.

Several of the manufacturers on our list offer bulk discounts. When you purchase more than one test boost bottle, you'll save a few dollars. For example, a single bottle of TestoFuel costs $65, but the price dips to $46.43 per bottle if you buy the largest bundle.

Customer Reviews:
Does this testosterone booster really work? Will it increase my libido and muscle mass? Or, will I experience weight gain due to increased belly fat? Get the answers to these questions and more by checking out the customer feedback for different testosterone boosting products.

Customer feedback provides an unbiased glimpse at users' experiences with certain products. You can glean whether a test boost supplement is reliable and effective or a piece of junk. Our customer service team has researched these products for you so that you can avoid headaches down the road.

Side Effects
: The best testosterone boosters on the market deliver the results you want without side effects. No one wants to have an allergic reaction or an emergency room visit because a supplement contains dangerous ingredients. Your health and safety should be the top priority when purchasing a T-booster.
We selected test boost products with minimal side effects. Our choices have all-natural ingredients, like horny goat weed and hawthorn berry, that work with your body instead of against it. Reap the maximum benefit from using testosterone booster supplements.

Benefits from Natural Testosterone Boosters

Leaner Muscle Mass: Scientists have found a strong correlation between your T-levels and your muscle mass. The hormone can enhance muscle size and strength while minimizing the need for fat. Combine strength training with test boost supplements to maximize the health benefits.

Weight Loss: Individuals who take test booster supplements may experience significant and sustained weight loss. Your metabolism becomes more efficient at metabolizing fat, allowing you to shed pounds around your waistline, hips, and chest. According to EverlyWell, one study found that obese individuals are eight times more likely to have low testosterone.

Better Sex Drive: Individuals with high testosterone levels report more sexual arousal. It's not a coincidence that most people are most sexually active when they're young and their testosterone levels are high. While testosterone can improve erectile dysfunction, the condition is usually a byproduct of disease or medication.

Enhanced Mood:
Things in life are better when your T-levels are high. A test boost can improve your energy, mood, and focus, making it easier to conquer whatever life throws at you. Conversely, low T-levels can correlate with lower life satisfaction, including depression and irritability.

Better Energy Levels:
Testosterone provides the fuel you need to get through the day, whether you're on the go or conquering home workouts. It also keeps you in shape. A steady supply of energy makes it easier to handle long days without succumbing to fatigue and irritability.

Improve Blood Circulation: Heart health is essential to your overall well-being. Testosterone assists in red blood cell production, helping your body circulate oxygen for peak performance. A well-functioning circulatory system can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction.

Common Ingredients in the Best Testosterone Boosters

D-Aspartic Acid: D-aspartic acid might be the most important ingredient in testosterone boosters. The amino acid can boost free testosterone levels, unlocking users' ability to enhance their strength, libido, and energy levels. Early research has shown that it can increase testosterone production by 42% in as little as two weeks.

Zinc Magnesium Aspartate: Zinc magnesium aspartate is a nutritional supplement that combines zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. The compound plays a crucial role in supporting metabolism, digestion, and the immune system. It can also increase T-levels, making it a popular performance enhancer for bodybuilders and athletes.

Vitamin D
: Vitamin D is a vitamin that your body produces naturally following exposure to sunlight. Studies have found that people who have low levels of vitamin D tend to have low T-levels. According to a randomized controlled trial from Hormone and Metabolic Research, taking the vitamin can increaseT-levels up to 20% and improve sperm count.

Vitamin B6: Researchers have found a consistent link between vitamin B6 levels and testosterone. A man with low vitamin B6 likely has T-levels and vice versa. The vitamin stimulates the hypothalamus, creating a natural test boost.

Tribulus Terrestris: People have used tribulus terrestris to increase T-levels for centuries. The herb can enhance libido and sexual health in both sexes. Tribulus terrestris may also have positive effects on users' blood glucose levels and cholesterol.

: Ashwagandha, also known as withania somnifera, is an herb commonly found in Indian medicine. The compound helps people manage their stress levels and mood swings while bolstering sperm count. According to a 2009 study from Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, individuals that take five grams of ashwagandha per day over three months experience a 10% to 22% jump in testosterone production.

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone plays a crucial role in day-to-day well-being. The hormone can help men increase their muscle strength, mitigate mood swings, prevent erectile dysfunction, and boost libido. If you feel that your performance is lacking in any of these categories, you should consider elevating your natural hormone levels.

While T-boosters can improve your testosterone levels, you can help yourself with a couple of lifestyle changes. For example, exercising can increase testosterone while enhancing your fitness and strength. The best exercises involve resistance training, such as weight lifting, which has long- and short-term health benefits.

A healthy diet works wonders for your hormone levels. Focus on eating a balanced diet that walks the line between overeating and calorie restriction. An optimized intake of carbohydrates can aid you to maintain high testosterone, energy, and libido levels.

It's also crucial to avoid certain activities. For example, high-stress levels can undercut your energy and testosterone. You may also experience flu-like symptoms and gain weight due to a compromised immune system.

If you're not getting high-quality sleep at night, you're also hurting your T-levels. Deep sleep gives your body the time to recover and repair small muscle tears that occur during workouts. Getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep each night can also provide an energy boost and better overall health.

Can You Buy Test Boosters Over-the-Counter?

Yes, you can purchase natural testosterone boosters over-the-counter, but they're likely not as effective as the options on this list. That's because they do not contain optimized doses. The companies that manufacture those supplements have to submit their products to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for review.

For example, there are pills at your local pharmacy with fenugreek, zinc, and D-aspartic acid. None of them have the concentrations you need to elevate your T-levels dramatically. The FDA looks at the ingredients, potency, and side effects of these different products and ensures that they fall within the appropriate standards set forth by federal law.

Note that the FDA doesn't have the authority to regulate health supplements. On the one hand, this lack of oversight benefits users. Consumers can get products that they couldn't purchase in a regulated market.

On the other hand, the lack of FDA presence forces consumers to assume each test booster's risks. There's no organization to approve what goes on the product label. In theory, a company could exaggerate the benefits of its supplement and face little to no blowback.

Do Testosterone Boosting Supplements Have Side Effects?

Every product that you put in your body has potential side effects. For example, if you drink too much water, you may experience excess urination, confusion, and low energy levels. Testosterone supplements are no different.
Before you purchase natural testosterone supplements, make sure to read the product label. Look for anything in products that may trigger an allergic reaction. If you're unsure about the ingredients or currently take medication for other conditions, talk with your doctor.

Two products to watch out for include DHEA and tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia). Manufacturers have historically used these substances in test boost products. However, research has revealed that DHEA and tongkat ali may cause severe health consequences.

DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone made in your adrenal glands. While the compound has anti-aging properties, its risks outweigh its benefits. Some of the symptoms of using DHEA include mood swings, high blood pressure, and stunted growth.

Tongkat ali or eurycoma longifolia is an herbal remedy from Southeast Asia. It offers stress relief and fertility benefits but has potentially deadly side effects. Tongkat ali supplements often contain mercury. Consuming even small doses of this metal can cause mercury poisoning, a condition that leads to motor and cognitive issues, shortness of breath, and organ failure.

Each product we choose for our list uses all-natural ingredients. These organic substances reduce the chance for adverse reactions compared to synthetic compounds. Some T-boosters, like TestoGen, claim to have no known side effects.

Final Thoughts – Which Testosterone Booster Is Right for You?

Plenty of reasons exist why a man might need a natural testosterone booster. Perhaps he has erectile dysfunction or low energy levels. Maybe he wants to add muscle mass while shaving off excess body fat. If you're a man over the age of 30 who wants to get healthier, there's a testosterone supplement for you.
Remember that all test boost supplements do slightly different things. One may boost your muscle size while another enhances your performance in the bedroom. Make sure to select a product with health benefits tailored to your preferences and desired results.

If you have unusually low T-levels, you may have a medical condition such as hypogonadism. These conditions require FDA-approved treatments that can boost your testosterone levels by a minimum of 300%. If you have any doubts about the proper treatment, talk with your primary care physician about taking testosterone boosters.
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