Best Of 2014

Best Place to Spend the Day Shopping: Crocker Park

Say you're in the market for a pair of cork wedge sandals, but you also want to have a nice lunch, maybe kill an hour or two with a coffee and a good book, and later you're meeting some friends for a drink — but not before you scope out the season's latest fashions and put together an outfit for a date. Oh, and you almost forgot, you need a new pair of running shorts. And you could really use a new belt. And and and... what about that new movie that's coming out today? But it's so nice outside; maybe you just want to enjoy the two minutes of Cleveland summer and stroll around for a little bit and people watch. Welcome to Crocker Park, where you can do all that and more. The mixed-use outdoor shopping/living/eating destination is an unrivaled place to wile away the day browsing, buying and generally having fun.

189 Crocker Park Blvd., Westlake, 440-871-6880,

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