All-American Rejects are All-American Douchebags

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Axl Rose never made it to town to join his Guns N’ Roses bandmates for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last week. But Cleveland still met its rock-star asshat quota, thanks to a visit to House of Blues by the All-American Rejects.

The lack of fun started when Scene photographer Joe Kleon saw a foot in his viewfinder coming straight at him near the front of the stage. “Luckily, I have fast reflexes and I ducked out of the way,” he says.

The foot was attached to Rejects guitarist Mike Kennerty. Kleon figured it was merely a show of exuberance gone wrong, so he took his photos and took off. But shortly afterward, the guitarist went after Twinsburg photographer Jimmy Davis, pushing his camera into his face. Davis later complained of blurred vision and a headache, which could be related to his realization that even asshole punks from Oklahoma sometimes have money.

Singer Tyson Ritter then joined the action by asking a girl in the crowd for her iPad. When she handed it over, he kindly smashed it on the stage.

According to, which apparently doesn’t have much going on around Tulsa, the Rejects brought Davis backstage to apologize, and Ritter paid the girl for her iPad on the spot.

The following day Ritter tweeted: “Well, I apologize to Cleveland for being such a lunatic last night, sometimes I get a bit out of control. Good times though!”

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