Cleveland's Favorite Fake Construction Worker is Apparently Back

Two accounts in the past 24 hours point to the return of Calvin Honey, the 49-year-old "habitual aggressive fake construction worker," as the Mentor police have previously described him. He was sentenced to 89 days in jail back during the summer on theft and begging charges, and he's apparently out and back to his old construction worker impostor tricks. One pal saw him downtown, and there's also this account from a Redditor who saw him at Chester and I-90 and warned folks not to pick him up:

Trying to be a good guy I gave this guy a ride today. He gave me a bunch of BS about being a construction worker (hard hat, reflective vest, safety glasses and all). He kept changing his story as to why he needed a ride and what construction crew he was with. I ended up dropping him off at Univ Circle PD just to get him out of my car. Do not let him con you.

FYI, folks.

Here's Mentor PD's post from earlier this year describing his racket:

On Tuesday around 11:30 am callers reported a panhandler dressed in construction gear in the area of Reynolds Rd. near Industrial Pkwy. A detective in plain clothes observed the panhandler and recognized him as Calvin Honey of Cleveland. Honey, once again, was dressed in full construction gear including hard hat, flashlight and fluorescent vest. Honey was detained after he was given $20 by a motorist.

Honey has done this before in our city as well in several others. Honey has a lengthy criminal history. Officers arrested him on April 10th, 2015 pulling the same scam.

Upon his arrest officers discovered he had shoplifted an adult magazine from a nearby gas station. Honey was charged with begging, theft and possession of criminal tools. 

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