Is the Steelyard Walmart Still the Worst Walmart in America? (Spoiler: Yes)

Last September we bestowed the Steelyard Walmart with the title of Worst Walmart in America. It was not a decision made lightly. Nor was it a close call. All manner of incompetence lives in the building (and parking lot, for that matter). The vortex of suck is so strong at 3400 Steelyard Dr. as to threaten to disrupt entire weather systems. The disregard for common human decency so total it inspires fear. The feedback so one-sided one wonders how no one has noticed or rectified the situation. Then again, given that employees and managers at the store are either nonexistent or on their phones, it's not entirely surprising.

But we held out hope for improvement. We thought maybe, just maybe, that our missive would reach receptive ears at Walmart headquarters. That our little award might filter its way to Top Men at the superstore. That someone in charge might say to themselves, "Holy shit, this is bad. Let's fix this."

We should have known better.

One year later, it appears as though nothing has changed and no one cares.

We can't vouch for that ourselves, since we haven't stepped foot in that particular brand of hell since last year. But evidence continues to pile up. It is irrefutable. There are concerns, and there are many. There is woeful resignation. There are pleas for help. There are endless examples. Here are just a few from the last calendar year.

Does Walmart know? Of course they do. Here's an exchange from last summer.

And here are two more from the past month.


This has been your yearly update on the worst fucking Walmart in America.
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Vince Grzegorek

Vince Grzegorek has been with Scene since 2007 and editor-in-chief since 2012. He previously worked at Discount Drug Mart and Texas Roadhouse.
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