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The Bonus Round of Sucking

Pretty sad that Larry Dolan is charging $27.50 for two hours of fun at kids' expense ["Indians Losing Money on Snow Days," at the Scene & Heard blog]. Most parents are working-class folks who cannot afford to take two children and themselves at $110. That's grocery money for their families.

Shame on Dolan to take advantage of children for the almighty dollar. All he cares about is money in his pocket. What about all those fans who spend money during games over the summer? Even if it's bleacher seats, it still puts money in his pocket. Capitalist pig he is.

David O

Grandma's Snowed In

If Snow Days weren't so pricey, I would be able to take my three grandchildren. But I can't afford that.


Homemade Snow Days

Sorry, but I have no desire to take my family to Snow Days. Pockets are tight as it is; I refuse to pay for snow fun when I have a backyard with snow, a hill to go to for sledding, and it doesn't take much to stand by the fire if needed.


Tale of Two Treasurers

Jim Rokakis has cut deals for friends that have left hundreds homeless and destroyed communities in Northeast Ohio ["Fun With Foreclosures," December 15, 2010]. His shameful legacy will be revealed at a national level.


A Cuyahoga All-Star

It is sad to see Rokakis go. He was/is one of the stars in the county. Thirty-three years of service, and he remained active to the end. Good job, Mr. Rokakis.


A Word From Chickenbutt

I know George Jones has been very sick ["Surprise! No-Show Jones Cancels Show," at the Scene & Heard blog]. His vocal cords were swollen till he could not possibly sing. You should be horsewhipped. Never knock the Possum, 'cause the Possum doesn't lie.


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