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Readers sound off on guns, Mike Lombardi and more

Urban Moving Trends Prove Trendy Neighborhoods Are Trendy

The assumption that people move out of the city when they start families is outdated. Look at Ohio City where new schools are opening and little league sports are starting up. Also, there's nothing wrong with Old Brooklyn so I'm not sure what the author is trying to say


The trick is to get them to stay once they start having families.

Valerie Molinski

On the Subject of Machine Gun Kelly

The real tragedy (and I've seen it on my street) is that there are actually white boys who are trying to emulate this scum now, and they are proliferating throughout Cleveland like toadstools. Never mind that the music is horrible...


Five Shooting Deaths in Cleveland Since Newtown Massacre

".....gun violence is maintaining a strong hold on the nation". Mr. Sandy, excuse me but are you mentally handicapped or just infatuated with hyperbole? FBI crime statistics clearly show that the murder rate in this country is half of what it was in 1980 when there were 100million less people. And Most gun violence is what Mr. Sandy? Answer, suicide. Hard to blame a weapon that holds a ten round clip on suicide. BTW, how many deaths are attributed to cars every year? Should we make the speed limit everywhere, 5 mph? How many deaths were attributed to people falling off ladders? Should we out law ladders? The authors of Freakanomics, report that more deaths occur in the backyard pool than by gun violence. Maybe we should outlaw backyard pools.You're an alarmist Mr. Sandy. Leftist, what they good for, absolutely nothing! Say it again, huh!


That doesn't mean that Sandy Hook and all these other gun massacres are acceptable. When children drown in pools, home-owners put up fences. Car companies design better air bags to prevent car collision fatalities. If a series of mentally ill people get their hands on semi-automatic, military grade weapons, maybe we need to do better background checks on individuals AND families interested in owning these sorts of weapons. Maybe the law-abiding gun enthusiast will wield his weapon safely, but his paranoid schizophrenic teenager might not be so responsible. Something has to change...and none of you are "schooling" anybody until you come up with SOLUTIONS, or at least hypotheses for what could make things at least marginally safer.


We Made Him Talk

Give Tim Misny a target and I personally know that he will kick some ass. The other side of the coin is that he is a loving, caring individual and a model family man. He has done the right thing for so many individuals who need help. Keep up the good work. Make Them Pay!

David Paulitsch

Browns Hire Mike Lombardi; Cleveland Cries


Robert Young

Expect this retread to blow out sometime next fall, causing damage to Browns Bandwagon.


Browns Sell Naming Rights

Sold to the highest bidder. This city has no sense of tradition at all. First Energy sucks! One of the biggest ripoff companies around.

Cheryl Reiff-Blevins

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