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Readers sound off on Linndale and more

On: "Linndale Mayor's Court: And Into the Books It Goes"

It's about time that these parasites get their just due. A town should not exist at all if it must depend entirely upon traffic ticket revenue for its very existence. Good riddance. They never had any business placing police cruisers on I-71, as the ingress and egress to I-71 actually exists outside of Linndale's city limits (city of Cleveland). Linndale's appetite for money demonstrates the levels of corruption to which a government is willing to stoop in the name of "public safety." This is a clear example that shows you should never trust any government to be responsible with our money.

Matthew Donnelly

Linndale Police are the worst, they do not care about people, just how they can stop people for any reason and give out tickets!

Ryan Windsor

I hope you all realize that shutting down Linndale Mayor's Court will not stop the ticket writing. They will continue to write tickets but they will be heard in Parma Municipal Court, Parma will get the court fees, and Linndale will still get the fine money. It's a cash grab by the muni court. Linndale will simply write more tickets to make up for their losses.

Michele Canterbury Azuddin

On: "John Kasich's Double Talk"

The Cleveland schools levy wasn't "balanced on the backs of (mostly approving) taxpaying voters." It was balanced on the backs of taxpaying voters but APPROVED by mostly non-property-tax-paying voters culled from public housing estates on the east side, the only area the mayor specifically targeted for approval and the only place he personally campaigned for it. Look for future city referendums led by Jackson to be targeted the same way. Most taxpayers demanded to see an actual, workable PLAN before a levy came to a vote, something that didn't happen and, frankly, still hasn't happened. I've been a (tax-paying) resident of the city of Cleveland for 30 years. I've yet to see any accountability from the city and school district.


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