11/11: Art Brut at Oberlin

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On Art Brut Vs. Satan, their third album of smartass Brit-rock, Art Brut once again riff on things that rock their world. This time around, it includes alcoholism, breakfast cereal, public transportation and the Replacements. Frontman Eddie Argos still sounds like he’s choking back chuckles beneath his thick accent, but the rest of the band shows off tight new chops throughout, tearing through the brief songs (most clock in at less than three and a half minutes) with previously unheard assurance. Still, Art Brut Vs. Satan sounds an awful lot like 2005’s debut, Bang! Bang! Rock ’N’ Roll, and 2007’s follow-up, It’s a Bit Complicated. Plus, the 11 songs pretty much roll into one long wink at hipsters. But even hispters need to laugh once in a while. Art Brut play Oberlin College’s Dionysus Club (135 W. Lorain St., Oberlin, 440.775.8471) at 10 p.m. Tickets: $12. — Michael Gallucci

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