With the Von Bondies and Holly Golightly. Wednesday, September 19, at the Beachland.

The Armstrong Bearcat Band Cleveland ChopHouse & Brewery, 824 West St. Clair 6 p.m. Thursday, September 13



Redfish Restaurant, 2217 East Ninth Street

9 p.m. Friday, September 14



On its debut album, 1999's "The Death of a Girl" EP, San Francisco's Vue put forth a degenerate wail with glammed-out pretenses. There was enough eyeliner between them to draw a pentagram on the side of Godsmack's private plane. While this fivesome resided in the dark triangle where more righteous souls fear to tread, its rock essence was sonic enough to win redemption among even the most pious tribunals. "Cotton Kisses" came off like Sonic Youth's similarly named "Cotton Crown," only with Adam Ant singing. "Hitchhiker," the opening cut on Vue's new Sub Pop opus, Find Your Home, makes it clear right away that the band is heading in a harder rocking but even more retro direction. It also reveals the enormous influence of the Brian Jonestown Massacre on San Francisco's music scene and proves Vue is the rightful heir to that band in terms of Rolling Stonesy affectations. Check out "Pictures of Me" for its Exile on Mainstreet-style arrogance. Vue's homage to the early '70s doesn't restrict itself to the Stones, however; on "Falling Through a Window," it takes liberties with Zeppelin's "Since I've Been Lovin' You." Vue may be derivative, but it captures the essence of reckless abandon and guiltless hedonism that's always marked true rock and roll. It could well be the savior for a whole new age.

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