A Year After Shooting Five Kittens, North Ridgeville Officer Back In News For Shooting Young Raccoon In Front of Kids


North Ridgeville humane officer Barry Accorti has a penchant for blasting helpless animals in front of people. Last June, the former detective and SWAT team commander made headlines after a homeowner discovered a feral cat and her five kittens, leading to Accorti pulling out his gun and shooting them all, sending them "to kitty heaven" because the animal shelter was full.

A year later, Accorti is back in the news for allegedly blasting a trapped baby raccoon in front of three little kids. A story by the Chronicle-Telegram has the details:

“This isn’t the Wild West, you don’t just pull out guns and shoot them, especially not in front of kids,” Tim Sherrill said about an hour after one of the city’s animal control officers shot and killed a young raccoon on his neighbor’s property.

Sherrill, who was at work, said two other boys, also believed to be 10 years old, reportedly witnessed the shooting along with his son, Jordan.

The children were playing on the neighbor’s property with that man’s grandson, when the shooting occurred Monday, according to Sherrill.

“I own a gun myself,” Sherrill said. “I can understand this up to a point … that they have to put animals down, but you don’t do it in front of kids. I’m an adult, and I don’t want to see it.”

Sources told Scene that after Accorti spotted the kids, he told them Santa wasn't real, their parents didn't love them, and they'll more than likely die alone and sad.

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