80 Best Chat Lines with Free Trials: Your Guide to Chat Line Numbers for Free Phone Chat in 2022

No man is an island, as they say, which is why it’s all the more challenging to meet people, and create real connections when you consider how messy the world is right now.

Thankfully, you can find people online to help light that proverbial spark. Sure, there are hundreds of social media sites, dating platforms, and hookup spots that you can visit, but let’s be honest: we aren’t meant to just communicate by clacking away at a keyboard.

It’s a good thing the best chatline numbers exist: they’re a place where you can talk via phone conversations, so finding new friends or partners is possible wherever you are. In this article, we show you the best chatline numbers for meeting people over the phone.

First Look: Best Chatline Number Free Trials

  1. LiveLinks: 866-951-0726 - Best free chat line
  2. RedHot Dateline: 877-355-1664 - Best for quick and easy phone chats
  3. Talk121: 866-838-5613 - Best for party line phone dates
  4. TangoPersonals: 1-800-810-8108 - Best for mobile phone dates
  5. FreeChatLine: 877-889-1209 - Best female callers on a chatline

Chatline Numbers Runner ups:

Do you want a larger selection of chatline numbers? We have you covered. Not all of these lines are always up and running, but the popular ones are worth a shot anyway.

  • Talk Cafe - 1-800-912-8222
  • Lavalife - 1-800-747-9022
  • Mega Mates - 1-888-634-2628
  • Acme Chat - 1-800-411-7878
  • MetroVibe - 1-877-390-6677
  • Live Talk - 1-800-444-LIVE
  • Lavender Line - 1-800-616-6152
  • FunChat - 1-855-386-2428
  • Axxes - 1-877-610-3555
  • Chat Line Dating - 1-877-599-4785
  • Quest Chat - 1-866-736-4100
  • The System - 1-509-876-5000
  • Social Voice USA - 1-844-706-5518
  • Two Talkers - 1-800-963-7792
  • QCChat - 1-800-405-1920
  • Grapevine Personals - 1-877-242-8810
  • Tango Personals - 1-800-810-8108
  • Black Phone Chat - 1-206-876-6227
  • My Mobile Line - 1-888-580-7070
  • Rodeo Chat - 1-800-436-7825
  • The Night Exchange - 1-866-917-8328
  • Latino Phone Chat - 1-866-979-7883
  • Latino Voices - 1-888-903-0505
  • Black Singlez - 1-516-279-1637
  • Telechat USA - Telechat USA

Best Chatline Numbers List

The best chatline numbers include the following:

1. LiveLinks (866-951-0726) - Best Free Chat Lines
  • Can be used with Google Voice or Skype
  • Decent free trial option
  • Efficient caller pairing system
  • Has nice privacy features
  • Lots of trolls and prank callers
  • More male callers than females
  • System issue with voice recorder

Call now: 866-951-0726

If you’re looking for the best chatline numbers platform with a free trial period that you can actually enjoy before being charged for your chats, then LiveLinks is perfect for you.

Additionally, LL is one of the best chatline sites to use if you’re not looking for anyone in particular. By that, we mean you’re going to love this phone chat line if you’re just out for a casual chat with a random stranger, without any agendas like hookups or dating them.

That’s because you get a relatively large caller base from this chatline site, although you’re going to find that there are far more male LL users compared to women. Of course, as with most chatline numbers, you also find pranksters and trolls here, since this chatline is open to anyone who wants to use it.

However, with a bit of patience, you’re more than likely to connect to a proper caller who’d want nothing else than to have a nice convo with you about any topic under the sun, which is why LL is one of the best chatline numbers to check out.

Additionally, it provides its callers with convenience. You won’t need a landline here a la 90s household; it’s compatible with chat platforms like Skype and Google Voice as well.

As for the free trial period, you get 30 minutes, which is ample time for you to record your chatline greeting, and have a nice quick chat with someone over the phone. And if you enjoy it, you’d be hard-pressed not to sign up for an account and start paying for your chats.

However, LL takes a hit when it comes to their greeting recorder’s efficiency. There are instances where your greetings suddenly get deleted after a single chat with another caller, which leaves you stuck to re-record a new one. Once LL fixes this, though, then they’d definitely get damn near close to a fantastic chatline numbers site.

2. RedHot Dateline (877-355-1664) - Best for Easy Free Phone Chat
  • Registration is simple, easy, and free
  • Features 100 percent anonymity when calling
  • Numerous payment methods available
  • A user-friendly chatline number site
  • Only available on desktop
  • Lots of regional restrictions

Call now: 877-355-1664

Since 2001, RedHot Dateline has been providing the world with one of the best chatline services. And it’s no surprise that it’s managed to not just keep itself afloat, but actually thrive after a couple of decades in existence. They provide you with both the best chatline numbers around, and an active community to meet and form friendships (or something deeper).

RHDL is a chatline numbers platform that puts your privacy in high regard and does so without sacrificing user experience when you visit them.

First off, whereas most chatline numbers are content with operating as if you were still stuck in the early 2000s, RHDL provides a refreshing touch to their site interface and chatline features by keeping them updated regularly. So much so, that you can’t easily tell that this company has been around for 20 years now.

Of course, it’s not just appearances that matter to RHDL, as they also provide you with some of the most convenient chatline features on any given site. This allows you to focus more on the potential connections you’ll make with the people you chat with.

As a chatline numbers site, RHDL allows you to choose your preferences by dividing their site into male and female-oriented callers, respectively. This determines whether you want to converse with someone of the same or opposite sex as you.

But what really makes this site stand out is how it places caller anonymity as one of its main priorities. This is one of the best chatline numbers sites—if not the absolute best—at giving you, the caller, security.

Because as much as you want to have a chat with someone you can share a bond with, it’s still of the utmost importance that you keep important details like financial and personal infos to yourself, unless you willingly provide these details.

RHDL also has a nice free trial period that allows you to test out some of their features, after which you’re going to need to pay for your chats by the minute. Registration with the site is free, though, and it’s a quick, easy process. With numerous payment methods available, you won’t have to experience any hassle making friendly chatter with your fellow RDHL callers.

Now, if only this chatline numbers site was available as a mobile app, then it would be close-to perfect!

3. Talk121 (866-838-5613) - Best for Free Party Line Numbers

  • Great party line chat service
  • Convenient and user-friendly interface
  • Great serious phone dating option
  • Exclusive to U.S. callers
  • Needs more free trial offer details
  • More male than female callers

Call now: 866-838-5613

Talk121 is more than capable of providing you with some of the best service if you’re looking for a party line where you can chat with multiple people at once, and have a nice group phone date chat.

And far from being a one-trick chat line, Talk121’s party line communities are also some of the most diverse out there. They range from groups who focus on casual chats, to naughtier cliques that engage in some phone sex on the line.

To say that Talk121 is exclusively a great party line option would also be a mistake on our part. Its single chat line option where you can talk to strangers over the phone is more than adequate to give you a sizzling phone date.

As with their party line’s selection of individuals who are more than happy to engage in some fun convos with you, Talk121’s singles chat line also has a nicely diverse crowd. You can even find someone who’s willing to have a more serious type of phone dating relationship with you.

This particular chat line has a few weaknesses—but they’re nothing that would turn you away from all the great features that exist here.

First off, Talk121 is exclusively available to U.S. callers. So, if you want to have a phone hookup with someone from the great white North (Canada), or a hot barrio lady from South America, then you’re out of luck.

Additionally, Talk121 needs to better explain what their free trial offer includes. Because as it stands, they only have an obscure advertisement that says you get a “free trial” option when you sign up with them. Details would be appreciated.

Lastly, there are a lot of male callers here, so it’s going to take you some time and effort before you pair up with a female partner, if that’s what you’re into.

4. TangoPersonals (1-800-810-8108) - Best for Mobile Chat Line Numbers

  • Voicemail tool doesn’t slip up
  • Decent free minutes offered
  • Optimized for mobile users
  • Membership rates are a bit expensive

Call now: 1-800-810-8108

Tango is perhaps the chat line that’s able to keep up with today’s needs the most among its competitors. That’s thanks to the fact that this particular company allows you to engage in phone dates and casual chats not just on your home phone line, but more importantly, on your mobile.

You can think of Tango as the top chat line when it comes to phone dating on the go. And one of the best reasons to use their service is that they have an impressive number of subscribers with an amicable ratio between male and female callers.

Even better, you’re going to find that Tango has less than the usual number of prank callers and trolls floating around their lines, so it makes finding the right phone date much easier.

As with most chat lines, they offer a free trial period that lasts for 30 mins., which is ample time for you to record your chat line greeting. Then you can hover the lines and check out the hundreds of callers available, and, ultimately, pair up with a random caller and have a short chat with them.

Additionally, Tango is available throughout most of the U.S., which is in line with their mission of providing you a handy option to engage in phone dates. And even though you might find their membership rates to be slightly higher than others out there, it’s very much a bargain when you consider all the great features that they offer you.

5. FreeChatLine (877-889-1209) - Best Female Chat Line

  • Free membership option for females
  • Overall membership fees are affordable
  • Nice balance between male and female callers
  • Not made for serious phone dates
  • Free trial period could be longer
  • Exclusive to heterosexual phone dates

Call now: 877-889-1209

FreeChatLine gains its edge over other chat lines out there by saving you from the trouble of having to rummage through huge numbers of poor phone date matches, wasting your time and money along the process. That’s because FCG doesn’t just randomly connect you to any horny john out there; they make sure that you get on the line with a female caller.

FCG has one of the best male-to-female caller ratios among other chat lines. And the company does this by offering women the chance to sign up for an account with them without having to pay any fees at all.

If you’re a guy, though, don’t worry: this chat line isn’t in the habit of gouging their callers. You’re going to find that they have one of the most affordable membership rates out there.

Oh, and before you ask: no, FCG doesn’t use professional phone sex operators to turn you on; these are private citizens who are just as promiscuous as you, and are looking for a safe and easy way to hook up using their phone.

However, we can’t say that you’re going to enjoy FCG if you’re not looking for women. This chat line’s setup is exclusively made for casual heterosexual phone dates, so you’re better off elsewhere if you’re gay or lesbian.

And speaking of casual phone dates, yeah, FCG is definitely not the line you want to go to if you’re looking for something romantic or, much less, serious. This is a chat line that’s exclusively made for flirting.

Lastly, the 30 mins they give you for free when you sign up with them might seem like a decent trial period, but with so many features and great callers on this line, you’re going to wish they added a bit more.

Best Chatline Numbers Runner-ups

  1. Nite Flirt - https://www.niteflirt.com/pid/30729752: rating-based chatline for dating
  2. Jet Doll - 1-800-538-3655: a chatline available for both men and women
  3. TalkToMe - 1-800-825-5866: offers chats in various languages
  4. Interactive Male - 888-928-0413: a gay chatline with nice features
  5. Local Hot Chat - 1-310-746-2366: has numerous phone lines available for chats
  6. Lavender Line - 1-800-616-6152: a great chatline option for lesbians
  7. Two Talkers - 1-800-963-7792: great option for phone dating
  8. Phone and Flirt - 800-381-5455: a chatline numbers platform full of younger callers
  9. Chat Line Dating - 1-877-599-4785: a top phone chat dating service
  10. Live Talk - 1-800-444-LIVE: great chatline option for serious conversations
  11. 1-800-Personals.net - 1-800-Personals: a convenient chatline option to post ads
  12. Desires Chat - 888-598-8336: a top chatline option for flirting with other callers
  13. Black Phone Chat - 1-206-876-6227: perfect chatline numbers site for Black people
  14. Flirt Free - 1-818-230-8331: a wonderful chatline geared towards female callers
  15. Howl Line - 1-888-655-6366: features naughty chatline users
  16. Friendsation - 877-448-8942: singles-oriented chatline
  17. MyMobileLine - 1-888-580-7070: a nice dating chatline for clean-cut callers
  18. AffairHub - 1-800-898-2428: features great private chatline options
  19. MegaMates - 1-888-634-2628: provides convenient phone chat account setup
  20. Talk Cafe - 1-800-912-8222: gives callers a nice chatline hub for potential dates
  21. Nightline Chat - 1-877-834-4044: features uncensored chatline conversations
  22. The System - 1-509-876-5000: a top LGBTQ+ chatline platform
  23. Lavalife - 1-800-747-9022: a nice chatline hub for uncensored convos

Best Chatlines FAQs

More info on chatline numbers includes the following questions from users like you from around the internet:

What Are Chatlines?

Chatlines are services that allow you to meet and talk with other people over the phone. These companies started to pop up in the 1990s and are still going strong today, with most services providing various channels to conduct voice conversations between you and your partner, such as your browser, Skype, or mobile phone, among others.

Chatlines come in various categories, which range from phone chat lines that focus on dating, to sex, and friendly chats.

How Do I Use a Chatline?

Although there are various ways that these chatline numbers sites and platforms work, the usual steps include:

1. You record a voice greeting that will then serve as your “calling card” for other callers.

2. Afterwards, most of these chatlines provide you with random voice greetings from other users, which you can listen to and determine whether you want to invite them for a private phone conversation, or go to the next voice greeting.

3. When someone you choose accepts your call, or you accept a call from someone who’s listened to your pre-recorded greeting and invited you to a private phone call, then you can simply chat away with your partner.

Are Chatline Numbers Safe to Use?

Chatlines have their own risks. Much like a hookup or adult dating site, you’re mostly going to be speaking to strangers here. As such, always remember to not give them any personal information, like your home address or financial details, unless you absolutely trust who you’re talking to.

Single Chatlines vs. Party Lines—Which One Do I Choose?

Single chatlines provide you with one-on-one conversations with other users/callers. On the other hand, party lines are group calls where you can speak and listen to more than one caller simultaneously.

Choosing which one you should go for depends on what kind of phone chat you want. If you’re looking for a more intimate experience, then going for a single chatline is for you. However, if you’re interested in meeting as many people as you can while you’re on the phone, then go with a party line.

Can I Use Chatlines for Free?

It depends on the chatline numbers site or service you’re using. However, most chatline companies provide their users with free trial periods that last anywhere from a few minutes to several days. Afterwards, you’re required to either opt for a membership, or be charged by the minute.

Free Chat Line Numbers Conclusion

Finding a nice conversation partner or a new friend shouldn’t be a problem with the best chatline numbers and sites that we’ve provided you here. Whether you’re looking for a casual chat, or using these services to perhaps meet a significant other, there’s a chatline number for you on this list.

Just remember to always keep yourself safe whenever you use one of these things. It’s always nice to meet someone new who you can have a nice personal connection with over the phone, but don’t forget that there are a lot of weirdos out there as well.

Enjoy your calls!

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