Best Sugar Daddy Sites and Apps Including Free Sugar Dating Platforms To Find a Sugar Baby (2023)

Sugar dating is on the rise and thanks to various sugar daddy sites, it’s never been easier to arrange one of these otherwise mysterious setups.

Still, caution’s required.

From fake profiles and call girls to even stalkers, sugar matchmaking sites tend to attract con-artists and time-wasters.

Avoid all this with our reviews of the best sugar daddy sites so you can find what you’re dreaming of, whether you’re a baby or a daddy.

Best Sugar Daddy Sites Ranked and Reviewed

1. SugarDaddyMeet - Best Sugar Daddy Site Overall

SugarDaddyMeet is another popular sugar matching site with certain standards in place.

The website restricts the sugar sign-up to males for sugar daddies and females for sugar babies. SugarDaddyMeet is also serious about attracting high-profile, wealthy males. This is why they only allow sugar daddies from the 20 richest countries.

Best Features

  • Millions of members
  • First date gifts for breaking the ice
  • ID and member verification
  • Advanced search options

The site has about 4.5 million members, with a slightly higher proportion of men to women, making it a great platform for women to shine.

2. WhatsYourPrice - Best Sugar Daddy Website for Quick Matches

WhatsYourPrice is by no measure a typical sugar daddy site that you can check out right now.

Instead of opting for the usual dating site format, this top platform opts for a more exciting twist to the game by introducing a sugar-baby centric system that puts them as the main focus.

Best Features

  • Fun, unique sugar system
  • All profiles are verified
  • Tons of sugar babies available
  • Large and active community

The way WYP works is that sugar babies get to make their demands known from the get-go, complete with all their preferences (such as preferred dating destinations and gifts). After which it’s up to you sugar daddies to enter the fray for a chance to date one of these hotties.

Suffice it to say, the man with the most allure wins.

Believe us, it’s a simple mechanic that manages to become amazingly intense and entertaining in a matter of minutes!

3. MissTravel - Best Sugar Baby Site for Luxury Vacations

MissTravel stands out among its peers in the online sugar dating world by appealing to the inner travel bug in you. Sugar babies on this site exclusively offer you a chance to whisk them away to a lavish getaway wherever your heart desires to take them.

Best Features

  • Sugar babies can use it for free
  • Tailor-made sugar getaways
  • A fresh twist on online sugar dating
  • 100% verified profiles

Both sugar babies and daddies are allowed to customize ideal vacations and then post them on the site where interested members can reply and set up the proverbial deal. MissTravel also makes sure that every member is verified to ensure user safety when they abscond one another to these hot vacays.

The fact that sugar babies can use this top platform absolutely free is just a sweet bonus, too!

4. Established Men - Sugar Daddy Website for Steady Relationships

Established Men is one of the safest sites that does not necessarily require men to be excessively wealthy. Instead, Sugar daddies are encouraged to be established and happy to spoil the female sugar babies.

If unable to provide wealth credentials, the men must provide honest pictures that are checked by moderators.

Best Features

  • Long-term or casual relationships
  • The community is friendly and active
  • Verified safety procedures
  • Moderated platform

The website warns about stalkers and scammers, but most established men appear to encourage developing a casual relationship.

Established Men actively bans profiles that appear suspicious, including "escort" accounts, and is ideal for sugar daddies who wouldn't qualify wealth wise on high-profile sites.

5. RichMeetBeautiful - Best Sugar Daddy Site With Free Trial

RichMeetBeautiful is the website for men who fall under different ranges of wealth and age. The website offers a trial membership for free and emphasizes long-term relationships with the possibility of marriage being the end goal.

Best Features

  • A higher ratio of women to men
  • A scientific matching system
  • iOS and Android app available
  • Excellent team of moderators

While most sugar daddy sites promote casual, short-term flings, RichMeetBeautiful promotes a deeper, loving connection between a sugar baby and sugar daddy and, as such, matches users based on a questionnaire.

6. AgeMatch - Best Sugar Daddy Site for Quick Age-Based Matches

AgeMatch is exactly what you’ll need if you’re looking for a sugar daddy website that provides no ageism with the services it offers. The absence of any age restrictions–all members are aged 18+, of course–means you can date way outside your age group.

That said, it’s perfect if you have a thing for younger women or vice-versa!

Best Features

  • Professional dating counselor consultations available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Active sugar dating forum
  • Amazing age-related search filters

AgeMatch operates a little differently from most sugar daddy sites.

The platform refers to itself as an "age gap meetup" site and doesn't restrict accounts to older men and younger women as most sugar sites do. Though this might be an attractive feature, members are required to pay for a premium membership to sign up.

7. Sudy App - Top Sugar Daddy App for On-the-Go Sugar

Sudy app might not be the most mainstream sugar daddy site that you can find right now, but it’s definitely one of the best you can choose.

Especially if you’re the kind of sugar daddy who likes to travel, Sudy has been optimized for iOS and Android to make sure you can flirt and find dates wherever you might be!

Best Features

  • Features legit sugar baby and sugar daddy profiles
  • Free basic accounts available
  • They have exclusive apps for gay and lesbian sugar dating
  • Worldwide availability

We can’t help but commend Sudy for developing versions of their service especially for LGBTQ+ sugar dating, called Gay Sudy and Les Sudy, respectively.

Their online community is also amazingly lively, as most sugar babies here are real-life students aged 18+ who are looking for the perfect dreamboat daddy to date.

8. Sugardaddie - Best Detailed Sugar Baby Profiles

Sugardaddie is exactly as advertised: it’s one of the busiest hubs where sugar babies and sugar daddies/mommies can meet and connect with one another. This top sugar daddy site champions member authenticity, so you won’t have to worry about fake accounts whatsoever.

Best Features

  • Airtight security right from account signup
  • Basic membership is free
  • Has a large sugar dating community
  • Extensively detailed sugar baby profiles available

As far as the best sugar daddy sites go, Sugardaddie is one of the finest options if you’re looking for some of the most detailed sugar baby profiles. From knowing their height right down to their drink of choice, finding the perfect baby to shower with this platform is a cinch!

9. EliteSingles - Fun Features for Sugar Daddy Website

EliteSingles honestly isn’t the largest sugar daddy site around.

With a relatively humble community made up of just about 400k users, this is one sugar dating site that definitely values member quality over quantity. That said, each and every profile you’ll see here is absolutely legit and can be a potential date for you.

Best Features

  • Highly detailed member profiles
  • “Have You Met?” feature is amazing
  • Quick and helpful customer service team
  • Zero fake accounts found here

One of the most intriguing features on EliteSingles is their “Have You Met?” game, which provides you with quick sugar baby suggestions a la Tinder.

However, it goes a step beyond other quickfire dating apps and sites by also giving you lots of details about each profile their algorithm presents you when you play the game!

Runner Ups Worth Mentioning

We highly doubt you won’t find what you’re looking for in our top picks for the best sugar daddy sites. But just in case, here are a few outstanding options that you can also check out!

10. Reddit Sugar Lifestyle Forum – 100% free platform to talk about all things sugar dating

11. Secret Benefits – Provides a secure sugar daddy platform to find babies

12. – Fast-growing sugar dating community with millions of members

13. – A more than decent sugar relationship site with great basic features

14. – Actively helps sugar babies and daddies pair up with helpful guides

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How The Best Sugar Daddy Sites Were Evaluated

The article looked at a number of factors when ranking the best sugar daddy sites. The most important considerations are explained below:

Gender ratio - As with any daddy site, a good gender split is essential. Though when it comes to sugar daddy sites, a disproportionate ratio can go one of two ways. A higher proportion of men is great for sugar babies, while more women is an attractive feature for men.

Restrictions - Sugar daddy sites tend to restrict users more than your typical social network site. For instance, on some sites, only wealthy men who can prove their credentials can sign up. Though this may seem unfair, it ensures sugar daddies can afford their sugar relationship.

Safety - Safety is a big concern, more so on sugar platforms than regular social media. As most relationships come down to money, scams and blackmail are not uncommon. That’s why the sugar daddy sites on this list employ moderators who ban fake accounts and ensure the safety of their members.

FAQs for The Best Sugar Daddy Website

Are Sugar Relationships Legal?

Yes, as long as the money exchanged is not used to pay for sex. Two adults of legal age are allowed to date casually and have fun. Though, the sugar daddies should be careful who they trust as sometimes if the relationship doesn't end well, sugar babies will resort to blackmail.

It's best not to disclose too much personal information about who you are to your sugar babies or to sugar daddy sites in general.

Who Can Be a Sugar Daddy?

A "sugar daddy" is usually a wealthy older gentleman able to offer support to an attractive and typically much younger woman. The man is often a successful CEO or businessman, while the woman is, in many cases, still in college or at least around that age.

A sugar relationship involves the sugar daddy offering support in exchange for conversation, fun, affection and other dating-like activities.

Why Do Women Want a Sugar Daddy?

Surprisingly, most people who engage in these relationships see them as usual dating, only with some extra perks. The sugar baby can be of any age, but they mostly tend to be young, sometimes even students.

How Does a Relationship Work with a Sugar Daddy?

Every relationship or arrangement will differ and depend on the people involved. Some relationships may lead to romance if both parties agree, while others can be entirely platonic.

The best advice is to make sure you're both on the same page before agreeing to a sugar relationship.

What should a Sugar Baby Expect from a Sugar Daddy?

Sugar babies shouldn't expect the man to always look after them. Of course, it's understandable if they want their sugar daddy to be rich. But that's not the only thing they should want in a good sugar relationship. Personality, age, appearance, support and more are also important factors.

In some cases, a sugar baby will require security of sorts upfront to ensure the man is genuine. It's best to look at the sugar daddy as someone you enjoy being with who just happens to be older and successful.

What City Has the Best Sugar Daddies?

Naturally, big cities and “rich” cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco are hotspots. But don’t underestimate big cities per state, such as Raleigh, NC, Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Miami.

Are Sugar Daddy Websites Free for Women?

Most of them are, including sites like Seeking, What’s Your Price and EstablishedMen. However, sometimes you can find a sugar daddy at a non-sugar daddy dating site, such as Ashley Madison.

Are there Male Sugar Babies and Sugar Mommas?

There are a few sugar momma or “cougar” dating sites, where older women take out and pamper younger men. Seeking is the top dog site in this regard and more reliable than all the other “Horny Rich Mom” knock off websites out there.

How Much Money Does a Man Have to Make to be a Sugar Daddy?

It’s best to verify with the website you’re interested in before finalizing a membership. Some millionaire-themed websites, for example, insist that men be millionaires.

However, other sites report that most sugar daddies are more like lifetime millionaires rather than multi-millionaires. For example, one survey found that the average income per sugar daddy was 250k a year.

Can you Find LGBTQ+ Sugar Daddies on a Sugar Site?

It depends on the site. Top sites like Seeking cater to bisexual dating, and men looking for men, or women for women, or even both men and women. However, for trans dating, it’s more difficult to find sugar relationships.

Sites like EliteSingles work better because they don't list gender as a filter.

OkCupid and AdultFriendFinder are also known to be open-minded in regards to trans, non-binary or gender fluidity.

How Can I Tell a Catfish from the Real Thing?

For starters, always make sure the person you’re chatting with is verified by the site. Just because you’re a sugar daddy doesn’t mean you have to assume all sugar babies are real. It’s not the polite thing to do. It’s actually a smart move to only chat with verified sugar babies.

Proving your identity to the online dating site is not that difficult – especially for a woman who’s going to be getting lots of free stuff.

Limit your messaging to unverified members and encourage visitors to sign up for a free membership with verification. After all, most sugar dating sites offer free memberships to women.

Best Sugar Daddy Sites: The Bottom Line

These are just some of the most awesome sugar daddy sites you should try if you're wondering how to find a sugar daddy. It's up to you to select the website that suits your needs the most.

Our top pick goes to SugarDaddyMeet, made by sweeties, for sweeties. End of story.

But whether it's safety, wealth, long-term relationships or anything else you're looking for in a sugar daddy site, the top picks above are a great place to start.

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