Best Free OnlyFans and Cheap OnlyFans Subscriptions in 2022

With over 8,000+ content creators joining OnlyFans on a daily basis, it should come as no surprise that some of them choose to forego charging a subscription fee.

But don’t be mistaken to think that free means cheap.

If you’re anything like us, you’re a sucker for great content but don’t want to drain your bank account over it and that’s exactly why we created this list - the best free OnlyFans accounts featuring the top OnlyFans models offering quality content at little-to-no cost.

Straight from our OnlyFans bookmarks…

Best Free OnlyFans Accounts

1. Haley Brooks - Best Free OnlyFans Account Overall

Top Features

  • 237,000+ likes
  • Over 984 media files
  • Elegance niche
  • Top quality production
  • General, personalized and exclusive content

Haley Brooks has a bewitching look that is impossible to escape. And, if somehow you do, her large, beautiful eyes will suck you right back into her charm.

She might be one of the finest free OnlyFans new talents, but don’t get it wrong, her experience and popularity in the game are massive.

The dreamboat has over 237,000 likes, so she’s definitely a solid fan favorite. Even more, she has amassed 984+ salacious photos and videos that you can immediately enjoy once you subscribe to her OnlyFans page…for free!

That’s not even the best part.

Haley switches it up with both outdoor and indoor erotic videos and photos to keep things interesting and adventurous. Furthermore, her nose for production is right up there too, so you’ll be seeing every inch of her in HD quality.

She gets pretty juicy with her general gallery, but she’s all kinds of trouble with her exclusive content, you might not be able to handle the heat. Of course, you’ll have to purchase her exclusive content, and boy isn’t the extra mile worth the few dollars.

Haley also gets up close and intimate with personalized content too. Needless to say, you can slide into her DMs - for a start, and ask her to dance to your itching fetishes. Again, just putting it out there, she’s down for titillating adult chats too, if you throw her some tips.

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2. Daisy Dray - Unmatched Free OnlyFans Natural Beauty

Top Features

  • Natural beauty
  • Proud Latinx
  • Ariana Grande look alike
  • Online all the time

Oh, if it ain’t the spunky Latina goddess herself. Daisy Dray will widdle her way into your heart with her fresh and natural Latina allure, long black hair and luscious lips.

Better yet, she’s thick too and she knows it. Daisy Dray drives netizens crazy with her hip hop video vixen-like inviting poses, laying down her booty for the cam. There’s more.

Daisy’s media quality is the icing on her cake, where you’ll be tracing her curves as if you’re right there with her. You’ll for sure catch her Ariana Grande similarity, and while she’s popular for being a pop star look-alike, Daisy Dray still makes a name for herself.

Her OnlyFans page has over 455 public media files, including 50 naughty videos, and all these you get at no cost. Still, her public gallery only serves as a teaser to her exclusive content where she fully embraces her sexuality.

Daisy Dray’s exclusive videos and photos are super adults-only, thus, if you want to see her best side you might want to spend a few bucks on that side of the fence. She’s also one for dirty talks, and you can approach her on DMs if you need some one-on-one.

In summary, Daisy basically lives online, I mean it’s her bread and butter right? All to say, you’ll get those risqué texts replied to at the drop of a hat.

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3. Molly Sims - Top Free OnlyFans Account College Chick

Top Features

  • 230,000+ likes
  • Themed content
  • College look
  • A bit of cosplay

Molly Sims touts herself as 99% angel, but the remaining 1% is absolute mayhem, and that’s why you’re here. Carrying out a college girl vibe, Molly comes fully in with the classic college adventure; ready to get down and party whenever.

Moreover, Molly Sims is one of the most seasoned free OnlyFans models we have here with over 230,000 likes and more than 965 media of engrossing free content. Safe to state, she’s got a knack with her stuff.

What we love most about the knockout brunette is that she’s so versatile, where Molly Sims mostly plays with themed content. From cosplay to luxurious lingerie, beachwear scenes and more, you'll never get bored here.

Molly Sims has also built her forte on custom videos. You simply have to text her, tell her what you want, throw a few dollars, and she’ll make sure those ravaging kinks are quenched.

In addition, she has an extensive collection of exclusive content available for purchase.

The whole Molly experience is wrapped up by the fact that she’s really active too. You’ll never run out of gamy pictures and videos from her.

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4. Sunny Rayez - Best New Free OnlyFans

Top Features

  • Big on chatting
  • Girl-next-door look
  • Fresh on the scene
  • Exclusive pics and videos

Sunny Rayez - is here for a good time, and if you’re game you should join her passionate arena. The Latina beaut might be new to the site, but she's not a diamond in the rough, she’s a full-on diamond.

For a new model, it’s impressive that her public media already has 160+ videos and photos, and with that consistency, her catalog size will be up there with the best of the best.

Sunny will charm you with her girl-next-door looks, but don’t let her innocent face deceive you because she gets down and dirty really fast. And by that we're talking NSFW stuff.

Furthermore, while some OnlyFans models flirt around with their regular content, Sunny wastes no time and gets it sizzling from the onset. You’ll find some daring, steamy content for free.

Of course, her free content is good, but her exclusive stuff unlocks different levels. Let’s just say there’ll be a lot of exciting videos and photos. All you have to do for her delightful quivers is buy her exclusive stuff affordably on the side.

To cap off, Sunny Rayez is very inviting to DMs, in fact, she begs you to text her and explore more personalized dimensions of thrilling saucy stuff.

5. Emmy Beehz - Best Free Photo Sets on OnlyFans

Top Features

  • Natural looks
  • Killer figure
  • Enthusiastic personality
  • Born with talent

Emmy Beehz is the sugar, the spice, and everything nice.

While on that, Emmy Beehz is perhaps the best adult photo model we’ve seen on OnlyFans. She loves dropping random video teasers, too.

We adore Emmy because she embraces herself. I mean, what’s not to like about a lady killing it in her natural beauty?

The fanciable lassie has also earned her stripes in customized entertainment, so don’t hesitate on asking her for favors at a small cost. Imagine that, a private show just for you.

Overall, the stunner is largely safe for work with her public content, but when it comes to her private stuff, that veil falls and her daredevil doesn’t disappoint .

6. Aisha - Best Free OnlyFans Tease

Top Features

  • Saucy performer
  • 217 pics and videos
  • Very interactive
  • Dancer content

Aisha is gorgeous, with a special look that’ll stay with you for days. See, free OnlyFans talent Aisha has not been on OnlyFans for long, and she’s already managed to post over 200 pics and vids for you to relish in.

She burns the midnight oil on OnlyFans too. You’ll always find her online, and she’s so responsive to DMs that you should reach out and see where both your minds end up.

Our lady wastes no time, she immediately invites you to her bedroom. From within her monarchy, Aisha is the queen of teasing.

Usually, in her videos, you’ll find her doing a little dance, enticing you until she lays everything out. Even further, her flexibility skills are sure to elevate the spunky experience. She also produces premium content, which you can purchase separately and see her work it all the way.

View her Instagram

7. Tana Mongeau - Famous Personality OnlyFans Free Account

Top Features

  • Famous internet personality
  • Blonde model
  • Exclusive VIP page
  • More than 478,000 likes

Tana Mongeau jumped on the OnlyFans trail to show herself in a way she’s never had before, and she hasn’t disappointed.

The internet star summarizes herself as “naked and crazy.” To play the part, the free OnlyFans talent thrives on NSFW photos and videos, always posting thirst-trap snippets of her large assets for her legion of fans.

Just to show you how good she is at her trade, Tana has attracted over 478,000 likes on her OnlyFans page, even more, she has 5.7 million Instagram followers.

Yes, she’s truly an internet celebrity.

Here’s the cool part. The bewilderingly OnlyFans model has more than 488 media content files uploaded on OF, a quarter of those being videos which is an impressive feat.

On her general stuff, Tana Mongeau plays it subtle with SFW pictures and short videos. On the flip side, her private gallery is so lewd, you definitely need to shut the door behind you.

Lastly, the neck-breaker offers VIP packages as well. If you choose to buy her VIP package, you’ll open an uncensored world of unlimited access to salacious videos and photos.

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8. De Rankin - Best Mature OnlyFans

Top Features

  • Mature OnlyFans model
  • Longer video content
  • Many custom services
  • Boasts 567,000+ likes

You don’t have to go to the gym in the morning or log in to Pornhub for a mommy experience because De Rankin brings the mature adventure right to your bedroom.

You’ll mostly find this model showing 20-something-guys how to drive a mature woman crazy. Even more, her videos are longer than what most other best free OnlyFans accounts have.

A big plus for you.

Better yet, De Rankin is all about giving you the best entertainment. She’s always ready to provide customized photo and video sets, where she hands all control over to you.

Her exclusive content is priced favorably too, and her page states rates from the onset, so you can easily go for what is within your price range. De Rankin also has more than 575 free videos and photos for you to explore as you work your way to her more VIP stuff.

Lastly, the prepossessing mommy also does one-on-one private dates, so you can negotiate for that too if you want to get kinky and personal.

View her Instagram

9. Clover Baltimore - Free Adult Film Star on OnlyFans

Top Features

  • Dancer content
  • Adult film star
  • Does tailored sets
  • Special fetishes

Clover Baltimore has this deadpan look that spells trouble immediately, and it’s some good trouble. The talented best OnlyFans model makes her bones doing a bit of everything around OnlyFans, making her one of the most versatile free OnlyFans creators.

For one, the stunning beauty thrills with stripping videos and photos, slowly taking it off piece by piece right down to her birthday suit.

Moreover, she also dips her foot into adult films. And when doing her videos, she nails it down with men, women and groupies. So, regardless of who you are, Clover Baltimore has something for you.

Additionally, if feet turn you on then Clover is a boon.

Clover Baltimore has over 580+ free photos and videos in her public collection. To complement this, you can ask her to fulfill your fantasies with personalized content.

View her Instagram

10. Couples-Thrill - Best Free Only Fans Account for Groupies

Top Features

  • Group parties
  • Inclusive content
  • Available to DM
  • Niche subject

As the username suggests, Couples-Thrill is what you’d assume. The couple takes things to the next level by showing people how they get down, and their chemistry is unbelievable, thus contributing to better content.

The couple is adventurous from A to Z.

They love DMs too, so you’re bound to receive a fast-reply rate when you engage with them in the messages. While you’re at it, you can also throw them some tips and motivate them to do things you like.

On the whole, whether you're alone or with your partner, you can join this couple from the other side and enjoy some blockbuster relationship dynamics with them.

Free OnlyFans Runner-Ups With Cheap OnlyFans Subscriptions

11. Lucy Is Loud - Unique OnlyFans Content Creator

Price: $3 per month

Lucy is Loud might be a mute model, but her personality is loudly irresistible.

She accompanies her videos with sign language, adding some spice to them. Even more, the brunette has a charming, playful demeanor, so she'll not only get that blood rushing but you'll also find yourself cutting a smile.

Lucy has a naturally good sense of humor; those DMs will always be lit. Also, she has almost 1,000 free videos and photos for you to get into, but you could also dive into her exclusives if you need something raunchier.

View her Instagram

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12. Sam Slayres - OnlyFans Cherry on Top

Price: $3 for 31 days

Sam Slayres brands herself as the cherry on top, and she truly is.

She has pretty harmless energy, and that's cute. But, you need to be careful with her accentuating lingerie. Sam is widely creative with her photos and videos, changing her shooting environments to garnish it up.

By subscribing to her account, you'll fall right into 1,000 stimulating pics and vids.

With 372,000+ likes, it's your guess how good she is at her craft. Sam Slayres is also down to give you a girlfriend experience in the DMs when you send a few dollars into her tip jar.

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13. Bella Bumzy - Best OnlyFans Gamer Chick

Price: $3 for 31 days

Bella Bumzy is like the hybrid version of a gamer girl and a barbie. The ravishing model has a heavily flirtatious persona, always toying with you in her videos and photos.

Another thing about Bella Bumzy is that she serves cakes for days. They're always itching to be shown, and when you go to her paid exclusive stuff, you get access to the most immersive, erotic experience.

A simple subscription to her account will score you over 600 videos and pictures for starters.

View her Instagram

14. Kacy Black - Most Popular OnlyFans Model

Price: $3 for 31 days

Kacy Black puts the “s” in “sexy.”

She does everything with unexplainable sensualness and if you're ever in doubt, maybe the 500,000+ likes she has on OF will prove her place among the best free OnlyFans accounts.

The likes don't come from nothing.

Kacy Black has posted more than 1,100 pics and vids that you can see immediately after you subscribe. Nonetheless, your best bet to Kacy's most suggestive videos and photos are on her private content, and on there, she might even exceed your imagination.

View her Instagram

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15. Zayla - Unmatched Stepmom OnlyFans Niche

Price: $3 for 31 days

Let's admit it, we all fancy a stepmom or mature woman, and with Zayla you can have that happen as you want it.


Well, Zayla plays a stepmom persona, and she works best when giving you a tailored experience. Additionally, the stepmom also does cosplay videos. Yeah, that little simmering superwoman fantasy can finally come true.

What's more, the bootylicious stepmom also does exclusive content, and if you're generous enough, she'll always be willing to give you maximum attention when you drop her a message.

View her Instagram

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16. Cup of Carli - Top Safe for Work OnlyFans Account

Price: $3 for 31 days

This petite damsel posts nude yet relatively safe for work content on her general media gallery. That's not to say she can't get more amorous. Cup of Carli holds no bars with her private packages, you just have to buy them on the side.

Her general media provides access to over 1,000 pics and videos, and to gauge how good they are then nothing will explain it better than Cup of Carli's 521,000+ likes.

She's ready for messages, thus you can stave off competition and have her to yourself with tips.

View her Instagram

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17. Riley Kwum - All the Curves on OnlyFans

Price: $3 for 31 days

Riley Kwum has curves in spades. She's very wild too. When you subscribe to her world, Riley welcomes you with over 1,000 tantalizing media files, and when you're done you can consider her exclusive stuff.

Furthermore, she isn't just about nudes, she also narrows it down to specific interests and niches, just hit her messages and make a proposal.

In summary, the BBW is some kind of a fashionista, always mixing it up to keep you on the edge of your seat...or bed.

View her Instagram

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18. Maria Moobs - Cheeky OnlyFans Model

Price: $3 for 31 days

Maria Moobs can't wait for you to see her cheeky side - both literally and figuratively. The thing about Maria Moobs is that she always keeps eye contact. She'll regularly be exploring herself while looking into your eyes, if not your heart, pulling you into her ecstasy.

Also, we love that Maria Moobs does both short Tik-Tok style clips and longer videos, so you can go with what floats your boat.

The bewitching cutie is consistent too, which means you should always have new content to scope out and enjoy.

View her Instagram

View her Twitter

19. Samantha Ava - Hot Bi OnlyFans Girl

Price: $10 per month

The island princess, Samantha Ava, believes there are no limits to love.

Samantha goes both ways with men and women, so everyone has something to keep them watching. Assuming you offer her tips, she'll also be ready to fulfill your custom requests and even chat with you deep into the night.

20. Kat Aphrodisiac - Variety of OnlyFans Videos

Price: $4 for 31 days

Half Colombian and half Puerto Rican, Kat Aphrodisiac has it all in both Spanish and English. The kinky, playful hottie also thrives with a wide selection of video content.

Whether it's hot videos or otherwise, she does it all, just make your request.

Best Free Only Fans Accounts: FAQs

What Type of Content Is Offered on OnlyFans?

The type of content offered on OnlyFans is very versatile.

While OnlyFans is mainly associated with adult content, you can also find other OnlyFans accounts with content on fitness videos, food and cooking accounts, car content and many more.

Content published by our top OnlyFans girls revolves around photos, videos, messages and status updates.

How Do I Find My Favorite OnlyFans?

You can find your favorite OnlyFans by logging into your OnlyFans account and searching the model's username in the search bar.

However, this might not directly bring up the person's account, and it seems OnlyFans intentionally does this to protect the privacy of its models. So, follow clues from your search results and you might find the account you're looking for.

Also, if you don't succeed you could also try searching the person's username on a search browser adding “OnlyFans” at the end and you might find them. While at it, you could also try your luck with a third-party search engine like FanPleaser, as it only looks through OnlyFans.

Many OnlyFans creators usually promote their OnlyFans accounts on their social networks, so this might be a more straightforward way to discover a link to their account.

When you do find the desired OnlyFans accounts, make sure to add them to your favorites list for easy access on your next visit.

What Do People Do on OnlyFans?

People on OnlyFans are either content creators or fans.

The OnlyFans creators produce and sell original content in the form of photos, videos, and live streams, while the fans come to support their favorite accounts by buying the content produced.

As you could have guessed, OnlyFans is a largely adult site, hence most people are selling and buying adult entertainment content.

Is It Illegal To Have OnlyFans?

No, it's not illegal to have OnlyFans in the U.S.

Although majorly adult, OnlyFans is just like any other social media platform.

As long as you're at least 18 years of age, you're free to use OnlyFans. In addition, OnlyFans is also legal in the UK, Canada and many other countries across the world.

How Do I Start an OnlyFans?

To start an OnlyFans you have to go to the site, create an account as a creator, and produce a copy of your ID to verify your identity. After that, you're pretty much in the clear.

To start being an active creator, here are steps to follow:

  • Set a subscription rate: A rate can be anywhere between $4.99 and $49.99 monthly
  • Produce content: Upload your photos and videos on the site
  • Promote your OnlyFans page: Attach links of your OnlyFans to your social media to drive people to the site. Also, ask friends to support you.
  • Entertain your fans: Once you start getting a couple of fans, you'll need to keep them engaged to retain them. So, actively reply to any messages and regularly post pics, videos, and updates to keep your fans hooked.

Does It Get Better Than Free OnlyFans?

There you have it, the best free OnlyFans accounts in 2022. We didn't just give you the most popular models, we suggested free OnlyFans models with varied talents to help you find someone whose flair will knock you out.

Whether it’s Haley Brooks for her flawlessness and high-res videos or the likes of Daisy Dray and Molly Sims, these best free OnlyFans accounts have something for you.

To wrap up, all our favorites offer free subscriptions, and if you desire a heightened experience you can always send the model tips and see them reveal the full versions of their talents.

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